Watching Trump deny reality is like watching a horror movie trailer

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That’s a long, long 2:11 to watch through.


I really, really want to see this type of stuff run morning, noon and night all the way up to the election. I’d pay to have a 24/7 cable channel of nothing but montages of Trump’s incompetence broadcast for the world to see.

I can’t stand watching/listening to El Blovato at all but I love the schadenfreude of watching him hang himself with every utterance juxtaposed with reality.


As someone who is watching this at least one ocean away, I’m wondering how US citizens don’t see that Trump has killed more Americans by his actions and inactions than Al Quaeda.


The stench and ruin of hereditary privilege.


The cynic in me is afraid it won’t make any difference. Fox News isn’t going to run this, and there’s a significant fraction of the electorate that literally won’t view any news outside of Fox News, their own facebook feed, and whatever right-wight propagana sites agree with their worldview. And if they are exposed to something else, it’s quickly dismissed as liberal nut-wing propaganda, etc.


The John Mulaney horse joke could be dropped; it can probably be trimmed down to under 2:00. Or to exactly 2:00, then Mike Bloomberg could pay to have it be an ad block in heavy rotation.

Oh, he’s only interested in stopping Trump if he personally gets to be President? Right, thought so, never mind.


The GOP is basically the party of gas-lighting now. They are going to spend the next six months telling us everything we were watching live as it unfolded was false, the real story was that Trump was on top of it, COVID-19 is Obama’s fault, new conspiracies will be rolled out, more montages produced by Fox News will be spread on facebook and twitter, and it will probably placate a lot of Trump voters.

But if we still have an election in November I don’t think it will be enough to keep Trump in the White House.


Sounds like someone’s a terrible reporter.

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His supporters don’t care, if they were able to acknowledge it. After all, New York is a “blue” urban area, filled with America-hating liberals, so who cares if they die? (I wish I was joking, but I’ve seen this sentiment being expressed by conservatives.) 9/11, on the other hand, was about filthy foreigners symbolically attacking America.

Similar ads are/were being aired - and Trump is suing the tv stations to block them. (He claims using his own words, in context, is misleading.) It’ll be interesting to see if anyone will run them, now.

Gods, I hope so. The US won’t survive another Trump term. He’s already emboldened by the impeachment results - demanding favors in exchange for providing (or at least not blocking) medical supplies to states, firing all the IGs, blatantly violating election law (e.g. by funneling money directly to his companies), safe in the knowledge that he hobbled the election commission, etc.


We don’t? I mean, not all of us do, obviously, or there would be well spaced rioting by now. But speaking for this one, I do.


From your mouth to Deity’s ear…


That isn’t the only value of these timelines though. Take a look at presidential approval ratings and you can glean two (non-scientific) things. Republicans never poll against their guy, and Democrats are always looking for an excuse to show that they are willing to support the other guy and cut him a break*. George W Bush’s approval ratings were in the 80-90% after 9/11. Obama hovered consistently around 50%. George HW Bush polled super high during Desert storm, Clinton hovered at 50%.

With Democrats so desperate everything to be more ok, less partisan, more…whatever it is leads them to this behavior, it’s just as important to constantly maintain the facts and timelines for them as it is to try to pick off bricks from the wall of R.

*pretty sure there’s been academic or at least journalistic work done on this and presented on bb…conservatives=father-knows-best authoritarianism or something/democrats want to be golden rule intellectuals or something…


I want someone to hack the next briefing in the White House and play this video behind him and lock the power cords for the monitors physically so they can’t unplug it

If it’s fair game for the president of the United States to ask Russia to hack Hillary it’s fair game to demand someone hacks his propaganda briefings

He would fucking explode.

Someone please do this if you have the skill and the balls. Your country needs you


Recent episode of Hidden Brain explored the concepts of tight vs. loose rule following and how this relates generally to authoritarianism and liberty. The most salient point I took from it was that it all works on a continuum whereby our tendencies towards tribalism is shaped by our cultural attitudes but on a relative scale compared to other countries.

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In an odd way, Trump’s daily virus reality shows are directly leading to a clearer national understanding of his incompetence, lack of knowledge, and flat out bullying behavior. I’m at a loss to understand why his handlers/advisors allow them to continue. The only explanation I can come up with is that Trump listens to no one, and he somehow thinks that he is still winning.

I hope he continues to demonstrate daily just how much the mechanisms of government have been hamstrung by everything that he does. Even better is that the governors of the biggest and richest states are expressing their disdain for his nonsense, while displaying just what government can and should do every day.

Come on, November!


I accidently clicked on a pro-Trump site on Facebook today. The comments weren’t anything like “Well, things aren’t perfect, but I think he’s on the right track” – reasonable, but wrong. No, they were all on the line of “This is the greatest President ever,” “I love that man,” “He’s making them look like fools!” How can you deal with people like that?


We must also consider the not unlikely possibility that there are pro-Trump site past commentators who are not posting anything now. Sometimes an absence of something, indicates some presence of it elsewhere.

He is winning with his base. Hold your nose for a few minutes and read the comments on any Fox News YouTube video covering one of these press briefings. What you see as Trump being caught in his lies, they see as their man giving it to “the libs”. It is fucking scary.


Agree totally. I think the number of his actual cult followers is much smaller than the voting group who put him in office. I’m hopeful that voting group, which includes people who pay very little attention to politics until the week of the election, have absorbed the 4 years of insanity and will vote to choose a little more “normality” in 2020.