Trump's Korean summit trailer is a template for fun

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I hope the NYT credits the Honest Trailers guys, who they shamelessly ripped off for their parody.

Also, if it turns out the Trump administration was given that trailer by James O’Keefe, I will not be a bit surprised.




Please! Please! someone do a Plan9 version PLEASE!


I wonder how many Mooches until we discover that Trump had taxpayers pay way too much money to a close business associate of his to produce this garbage-fest…


The original is so breathtakingly inane, it’s hard to parody. Also, I can see why some people initially thought it was made by North Korea because it’s so obviously designed to appeal to Trump, not Kim. I wonder if that was the actual purpose - it was propaganda to convince Trump to do something, like when his advisors show up on Fox “news” to persuade him of their position.


I haven’t tuned into Colbert’s show since his sucking up to one Clinton one too many time. I know, i am not being very funny either.


I watched Colbert’s earlier segment about the summit itself, and I literally cringed and covered my eyes (there might have been a “Jesus Christ” or two in there, as well) at some of the stuff Turnip did. Referring to himself in third person again, talking about building condos on NK beaches…

It’s just such a huge fucking embarrassment. And there will probably be another tomorrow.

(The history books are going to be fascinating…)


Every day, every fucking day, I hope to wake up from this nightmare. Every morning, I look at the news and see that I still am in this insanity.
When will I wake up? This has to be a nightmare, there is no way all of this madnes and stupidtiy could be real, its like reality has become a bad parody of a shitty cyberpunk thriller written by Mad Magazine (and I mean the crappy german MAD, not the good americain one).




As @Papasan would say - Roger that!

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Probably to make him think he was actually doing some negotiating. Obviously the statement (such as it was) was written up well in advance, so he had to be given something to do that would be difficult to fuck up and pressing play on an ipad was all he could be trusted with. Still managed to promise an end to S.Korean joint exercises though without consulting anyone so only partially successful.

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Though given Trump’s obvious love of dictators, I’d guess that just telling him to go into the summit and schmooze made him feel like he was doing something significant. (Well, that and his belief that he’s the one who gets anything done by merely existing.)


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