North Korea invites Trump to denuclearization talks. Breakthrough or power stunt?


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If Trump makes a state visit to Pyongyang he’ll come back wanting Mass Games and giant statues of himself, Don Jr., and Ivanka.


I’m seeing the part in Team America where Hans Blix gets eaten by ‘sharks’, only it’s not Hans Blix.


beware the game show pranks


Trump needs a big piece of distracting news right now, so good timing!




It has literally been a top foreign policy goal of Pyongyang since Kim Jong Il invited Bill Clinton.

Kim is thinking, “Finally, an American president stupid enough to fall for this!”
Given the “talent” Trump has working for him, it’s not clear that there’s anyone that could explain this to him, and even if they did, Trump isn’t exactly known for absorbing and retaining information. His ego might make him think this was a really great honor for him and go along with it. Whatever his response, I’m sure it’ll be embarrassing for the U.S.

I’m pretty sure he already does. I was hearing that, when Obama’s presidential portrait was being unveiled, Trump was demanding one, too.


Aren’t we at risk of creating some kind of singularity by allowing that much batshit crazy in the same place at the same time?



I’m not saying it’s a trout…



Looks like 'ol Lindsey Graham is back playing his role as trump’s barking puppy:

“Sen. Lindsey Graham shared on Thursday a “word of warning” to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to keep in mind when he meets with President Trump.”

“The worst possible thing you can do is meet with President Trump in person and try to play him,” -WashExaminer



Negotiation is the right move. I have long thought that the US should drop its excessive preconditions for talks. For the time being, I’m going to hold to that opinion, even though Trump is (as his Secretary of State put it) a fucking moron.


I’d rather a fucking moron not negotiate with a near-suicidal nuclear power, and let someone actually qualified do the talking in 3 and change years.

We’ve put off talks for this long. What’s one more presidential cycle.

Sorry, I just like living with non-radioactive air and water.


10 bucks says Ivanka gets a sweat shop deal out of it.


You may be right. But by that time the Kim regime will have developed their warhead reentry capability, which is the final step in fielding a workable ICBM.

Nothing changing is what I expect will happen. It’s quite rare that talking makes things worse. And the characterization of the NK regime as irrational is propaganda. They have completely different values, and their political context is difficult for us to understand, but mostly, what I’ve heard from North Korea experts is, “not crazy.”


Same. I should have put it differently. They seem to act crazy to us because they’re completely backed into a corner. Previous presidents have allowed them enough space to keep face and that’s important for the regime. I don’t think tRump understands even remotely that other people have thoughts and feelings like he does, and doesn’t get that the NK regime value their appearances as much as he does.

They’re cornered and the nuclear option is the only power they really have at all. They have nothing to offer the world and everything to lose.

And tRump’s just the kind of guy who wouldn’t get that it’d be a bad thing.


You know, there’s a real chance that (Apprentice contestant and Kim Jong Un bud) Dennis Rodman will mediate.


Trump will be like
"wait you just kill them? "
“And no one says anything”
Well, we kill them too.
“Tell me more…”


Breakthrough for North Korea.

Power stunt, misdirection, and miscalculation by Trump.