Here's the trailer for Michael Moore's new anti-Trump documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9


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"Fahrenheit 11/9" trailer: Michael Moore calls Trump the "last president of the United States"
"Fahrenheit 11/9" trailer: Michael Moore calls Trump the "last president of the United States"



Not really impressed with his last several films, but maybe this one will be different.


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# Michael Moore calls Trump the "last president of the United States"




…Isn’t that supposed to break the internet ?


It’ll be a tossup, between looking at Obama as the last even semi-legitimate President, or, does Trump actually end up breaking the entire system, and who knows, maybe we won’t even have a President in title anymore after all this goes down…




Donald Trump is a cancer, but cancer is survivable. I’m going to go with “Reports of the demise of American Democracy are greatly exaggerated.”

It’s all I’ve got and I’m clinging to it.


Right on; fuck all that ‘going gently’ noise.


I would definitely see this but September seems like it is freaking years away.

Yeah. Screw the fatalism. Join an Indivisible group, or your county Democratic party (or DSA or whatever), organize Civic Saturdays. Get everyone you can to register and validate registration.

We get to be the fucking heroes who stood up to the haters and dumbfucks.

And if you get tired, take a breather:


Yeah, the attacks upon Michael Moore have taken their toll. It has affected his work in little, subtle ways, but also the way we see his work is different because of the unending level of bile and hatred that gets thrown at him. People who have never seen a Michael Moore movie will expound at lengths about its flaws, kind of like how the same people insist upon calling Jane Fonda a traitor who should be shot and so on.


I think it has shifted in significant ways with Fahrenheit 9/11, which diverged greatly from biting satire and interviews to more straight up shilling propaganda, using the same tactic of people like Alex Jones - asking open ended questions that leads the viewer.

Now I admit I haven’t seen some of the newer ones like Sicko and the like, so perhaps those returned to his roots. Even though I don’t always agree with him politically, I though things like Rodger and Me and TV Nation were good.


I’d really like a version of that with Farage/Johnson/Gove added. (ETA in case anyone out there does not know who those scumbags are - Brexiteers who can whip up the Daily Heil to print front page headlines branding UK judges as EOTP).

It’s not been well for a long time.


I look forward to the well-sourced, measured and reasoned rebuttal from Trump supporters.


He told an NPR reporter (aired today) that he thinks Trump will win again in 2020. It was most definitely not an open ended statement intended to lead anywhere else. It was a “period, the end” sorta comment.


Well he was right the first time, I will give him that.


Michael Moore was calling the Trump presidency months before anyone else would even joke about it.


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