Michael Moore quietly made a Donald Trump movie. "TrumpLand" opens this week


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Ah but Moore is notoriously liberal. Therefore anything he says about Trump is false. In fact, this could probably be used as evidence of his innocence at his trial, which will never happen because he is innocent.


Just in time for Halloween.


It is the only thing Michael Moore has ever done quietly.


I dunno, “Canadian Bacon” didn’t get a lot of PR…but then again, it was fiction.


So his whole OMG-you-guys-Trump’s-totally-gonna-win essay was…marketing.


I’m sure this will convince a lot of IFC patrons to abandon Trump.


The Citizens United Supreme Court case happened because somebody wanted to use censor Citizens United, a whiny right-wing group who’d made a whiny right-wing movie about Evil Hillary Clinton; the Supremes didn’t see a bright line between that and whiny liberal Michael Moore’s movie about the Evil Bush Family (which was good journalism, though somewhat disjointed movie-making.) Now Moore’s making another movie about Evil Donald Trump, while the Democrats are trying to find ways to break the Citizens United ruling.


Fahrenheit 9/11 was not an example of good journalism. It’s strange really, it would have been really easy to make an anti-war movie about Iraq/Afghanistan, and the Bush presidency generally, without resorting to weaving a web of lies, but for some reason he chose to go that route, weird. It’s a piece of thoroughly dishonest propaganda, not journalism.


Michael Moore’s documentaries rarely employ outright lies. They do occasionally use misleading editing and innuendo though.


One of the big obvious lies that I can remember off the top of my head was the one about the Afghan gas pipeline, Moore tried to weave that into the story as a kind of conspiratorial smoking gun, despite the fact that the whole project had been cancelled.


Subtitle: Preaching to the Chior


Where to Invade Next was great stuff!


Obviously, it’s because he was planted by HRC to ensure she would win. Where else do you think all that Clinton foundation money goes to?


Aaaand there’s the shit icing on the turd cake.


I heard everything Michael Moore says is a total lie.

I know this is true because Bill O’Reilly said so.


The New York Times states:

[Moore] was set to appear at a free screening of the film Tuesday night at IFC Center in New York, and the film will hit theaters for one week in New York and Los Angeles.

So the only people who will be able to see it are those who are least likely to vote for Trump anyway…


I think the movie was pretty much doomed to that fate from the beginning. Consider the following Venn diagram:

(Note: not to scale since it would be impractical to position the circles far enough apart)


I’ve seen enough of Trump. Can he just die already? What’s the life expectancy of a 70 year old baby?