Michael Moore warns that Donald Trump is on course to repeat 2016 win


Blockquote: “Don’t leave it to the Democrats to get rid of Trump. YOU have to get rid of Trump. WE have to wake up every day for the next 67 days and make sure each of us are going to get a hundred people out to vote. ACT NOW!”

As troublesome as Mr. Moore can be on certain subjects, I wholeheartedly agree with his assessment in this situation.


agreed. even if you don’t think that trump is going to win, act as if he is. Always fight as if you are five points behind.


I agree with much of what Mr. Moore says and does, and I’m a big fan of his works.

But I also have to acknowledge that he’s got an inherent interest in Donald Trump winning. It’s good for his business.

then he would not be encouraging people to vote if he wished to further his interest, yes?


I mean, I think he believes that this is already over and is just looking forward to saying he was right.

I still don’t really forgive him for the “Planet of the Humans” sellout he did.


The same is true for BoingBoing.

I mean, I certainly am not saying “Gosh BoingBoing isn’t like it used to be” , but I definitely do miss the days where we weren’t seeing ten to fifteen stories at a time on the front page that are basically extensions on “Donald Trump is a horrible person.” I get that it’s important to call this stuff out and jump all over it and be aware of it… but I also really do miss the interesting things that came out of here when we didn’t have Trump fully blowing out the news cycle.


i miss not having to think about politics all the time too but when you have an insane fascist running things and almost half of america willingly encouraging it, it kinda takes precedent. I used to care about cartoons and rock and roll and gadgets a lot more and now I’m constantly in panic mode over whatever new horrible thing is happening today. I know there’s always been bad shit happening in the world, but for the most part i could rest assured that someone was trying to fix most things and keep stuff in check. that isn’t much happening anymore.


It sounds to me that Moore is just engaging in pessimism and claiming that polling always fails in a way that benefits the Republicans. Ie. bog-standard progressive/leftist doommongering we’ve been hearing for four years.

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Doubtful. Did you read his post from last week? Michael Moore thinks Trump/Trump people will kill him. It was written in a way that was reasoned, not hyperbole. Death is pretty bad for business, dontcha think?


MM thought he’d be killed by Bush Sr / NRA people over Bowling for Columbine, by Bush Jr people for Farenheit 9/11, by Trumpers for Farenehit 11/9 , by who knows who for Capitalism : A love story, by “BIG GREEN” for Planet of the Humans, etc. And those are just his movie things.

He’s got a whole list of other people who will kill him for his non-movie political activism, most recently in his hometown of Flint, Michigan.

He always thinks he’ll be killed by someone , and always has. And maybe it’ll come true, maybe it won’t, but this isn’t new behavior by him. It’s his usual.


This is starting to get close to “don’t listen to cancer researchers because they have a financial interest in the continued existence of cancer” territory.


one of these things is not like the other. [ note: planet of humans is not about the trump family ]

moore has had a successful career of mixing documentary filmmaking and activism – he never needed bunkerboy before, and certainly won’t need him after. there are plenty of other white supremacist republicans, bi-partisan corporate government take overs, and environmental catastrophes to mine.

he’ll be fine.


As someone whose mom has cancer, I know for a fact cancer researchers have a much bigger financial interest in the cure for it. (Even though that term is broad, etc.) The cure to cancer instantly means trillions to whomever finds it.

That said, no, that’s not what I’m getting at.

What I’m getting at is that Michael Moore doesn’t know how to be optimistic, has a history of repeatedly being opportunistic and somewhat sketchy on facts, and so of COURSE he’ll say that Trump’s going to win despite all the polling saying different.

And before people jump in with the “the polls were wrong on Hillary”, they weren’t.

That’s kind of what I’m saying here. He’s a pessimist. Eternally. Him continuing that streak isn’t news.

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there are a couple of things i’ve read lately that are troubling. first, that while support for black lives matter is still high, it has recently slipped some.

second is this:

Though advocates believe true equality will not be achieved until all Americans are willing to grapple with racism, the survey showed that just 36% of those polled said they had taken concrete action to better understand racial issues after George Floyd’s killing.

white america refuses to examine it’s role in the treatment of black people. it’s very disheartening, and that plus the meme of looting and rioting seems like a recipe for trump winning to me.


He didn’t say Trump is going to win, he said he’s on the same course he was on in 2016. And it’s hard to argue that; he was at a not-dissimilar place in the polls at the time and Hillary almost certainly would have won if not for Comey’s 11th-hour announcement about the FBI investigation thing.

I think we would be hopelessly naive to assume there won’t be a similar 11th-hour “scandal” hitting the news cycle to damage Biden, especially since Trump has now politicized the FBI (along with every other Federal agency) to act as an extension of his own campaign.

None of this means that Trump’s victory is inevitable, but I don’t think that’s Moore’s message. His message is that we cannot allow the same tactics that gave Trump the election in 2016 to work again. A lot of horrible shit is going to go down and we need to be prepared for it.


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