North Koreans ordered to copy Kim Jong-un's "ambitious" hair style

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@frauenfelder: 404 error on the “read the post” link.


Duplicated but second try took. My excuse “I’m bald”

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Tried twice, 404 twice.

I have hair. That must be it.

It’s working now, and thank God for that. I needed to see dozens of Kims.

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You’re bald, right? Still no-go for me.

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Nope, hairy like a frekin chimp.

His hair is way longer than 2cm. It has to be, or it wouldn’t be sweepable, just a regular flattop. Does he mean 2cm at the nape of the neck, or is this one of those things he gets to skate on while insisting on maximum compliance from everyone else? Like how Hitler went around giving that halfassed little salute.

Oh come on. This story is like a few years old and already debunked. Did you buy this story on a Black Friday sale? No? Fire the editor!

Well, Dolph baby made up for it in other ways. Besides, there were different types of Hitler. The rally fanatic with the Priapic rigid salute, and the quick casual laid back at home with crew type, and all points in between.

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