North Korea channels the voice of Abraham Lincoln in “Hey, Obama” letter to U.S


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It’s like reading something written by a space alien trying to emulate The Onion.

(The “lantern jaw” thing is not an entirely baseless accusation, however.)


Holy shit, those are the second shortest fingers I have ever seen on a chunky tyrant!


We can make America great again and elect a tyrant with tiny hands.


That guy sure does like looking at things


And bad hair. Don’t forget the hair.


This is the sanest thing to come out of DPNK in a long time. Clearly, they’re shifting their strategy away from the unhinged frothing rant, perhaps after observing right-wing radio here in the States. But they kind of suck at alternate history.


But they were undone by their insistence of spelling the name “Abraham Rincorn”


On its 3rd generation, it is clear the awful hair is the sign one is the leader of North Korea. Both his dad and grandpa had terrible coifs.


I do not think Koreans speak Japanese, but I’m no expert.


Ooh, maybe we can have some sort of American Kennel Club equivalent for hereditary leaders. And have shows like the Westminster show.

“Oh, now there’s a handsome beast. A hairless Kremlin Oligar. Notice the classic eyebrows.”

Sorry, I really suck at thinking up caricatures.


The hair is supposed to make them look slightly taller.



Stalin was only 5’4" and didn’t need funky hair to look more impressive.

Though in all fairness, during his reign he was officially 5"10" if you knew what was good for you.


“I know you have a lot on your mind these days … I’ve decided to give you a little advice.”

President Obama sent some advice back: “Hit the gym dude!”


wtf is this picture.


On the one hand I really hope we never get to witness a verbal tit-for-tat between North Korea and a President Trump. Other the other hand I kind of need to read that.

(Note: neither of the above-mentioned hands are capable of securely gripping a jar of pickles).


Some do, but not most. Korean also has a liquid that isn’t quite r or l, but unlike Japanese, Korean doesn’t differentiate between b and p.


Also parrots don’t have lips.


Curious, isn’t it?


For his next seance, he’s channeling Marlon Brando.