Norway pledges $10 million to counter Trump's global anti-abortion ban

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Awesome. It’s always the Scandinavians. :slight_smile:


NATO members would do a lot of good if they cut arms purchases from the US and used the money saved to promote women’s rights around the world. The UK in particular should be scrapping its purchase of the useless F-35s* and cancelling its nuclear weapons (much of which comes from the US). Raising educational standards and access to healthcare in poor countries means they are surely less likely to want to attack us or become refugees.
The present crisis of refugees in Europe is the result of US-UK régime change policy in the Middle East. Imagine the results if the $2 trillion spent on destroying the ME had gone on infrastructure projects. As it is, China will develop infrastructure in exchange for minerals and energy, and gradually expand its influence. The Chinese have no problem with sex education, and they will support any local ruler who promotes stability - as advised by Confucius.

*the only enemies they are useful against can reduce us to radioactive dust, whereupon our nuclear submarines can get off one salvo before they are destroyed by antisubmarine missiles - if they are not hit on the first pass. Against that, we could do something constructive in the world. Perhaps we should give civil engineers, teachers, physicians and nurses titles and uniforms with a lot of gold braid.


Norway pledges $10 million to counter Trump’s global anti-abortion ban

Is anti-abortion going to be banned? Go Trump!


We’re not talking about de-funding, because the headline makes it clear that they are banned, worldwide. Or maybe Trump banned being anti-abortion. Hard to say, but it’s clear Xeni is outsourcing headline writing to Mr. Doctorow.


I always find sentences with three negative words (here counter, anti and ban) very difficult to parse. But what it is, is a ban on promoting science-based reproductive health.


Europe is becoming increasingly concerned over the stability and reliability of the US.


But they’re just hosts. Clearly all women should be doing is presenting nice snacks and things for the guests while the big white(/orange) men handle all the difficult decisions.


My Garand Pap always said, “never piss off a Norwegian”.


Good news, worthless PR. People who support it go nowhere people who back Trump were that immune to information to begin with.

Trump will, if he mentions it at all, call it a victory that saves US taxpayers.


Not really. I think it’s an issue the “president” couldn’t give a damn about, except he needs Republican support. Never forget he’s a New Yorker, not an Iowan.


I remember Bush did much the same thing around 2002 (in part because Carol Lay did a strip about it at the time).

I can’t seem to find a good link at the moment, but perhaps this will do.

On July 22, 2002 the United States withdrew $34 million in funding that Congress had approved for the United Nations Family Planning Agency (UNFPA). President George W. Bush said the U.S. withheld the money because the UNFPA supports coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization programs in China and that evidence gathered by a U.S. fact-finding mission to China in May 2002 had persuaded him to withhold the money.

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See also:

Shrub banned US funding from going to HIV prevention unless the organisations involved refused service to active sex workers.


So am I.


Oh wow, 10 million? wew, someone get Norway a trophy.

Emphasis mine.



Merkel is having a love-in with Trudeau. Perhaps when Trump decides to annex Canada, it’ll be the French, the British, the native Americans and the Germans that burn the White House.

…I know, I know, not going to happen.

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I think it was a joke. :wink:

So how much are you giving, then?


Hey! Stop implying that we would need help.

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