Norwegian company launches "eggs for boys" and "eggs for girls"


I wasn’t aware princesses could lay eggs. With the pirate ones, at least there’s a parrot on the box.


My daughter does love Chess for Girls, though.

The SNL skit, that is.

Nobody apart from Cory is saying that the Princess eggs are for girls or that the Pirate eggs are for boys. It may be implied, but that should not be considered Prior’s fault, but rather a quirk of society.

The eggs are stacked beside the boxes, and the kids are able to pick an empty box of their choice, and fill it with eggs. I think this is an interesting concept (or at least as interesting as eggs can be). Anyway, it is blown way out of proportion.


Odd choice for gender branding; it’s such a staple item: ‘you kids are going to eat your eggs today!’

eggs…is eggs.

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Seriously? You don’t see this as reinforcing traditional gender roles? It was just a strange quirk, right?


no shark eggs. those things are weird.


I suppose princesses could be egg donors, but royal ova are bound to cost a lot more than pirate spunk.


thanks: that makes more sense: 'go boy, fill yer carton with golden dubloons from the sinking galleon '; 'hark Princess, the starving peasantry present you with the only nourishment in a drought stricken province!"

yes: the flangey bits…unacceptable to a proper fry.

Maybe the princess eggs hatch princesses and the pirate eggs hatch pirates. If so, that’s a good argument for buying across presumed gender lines…

(Princess. Pirate. Does anyone else see a Princess Bride tie-in?)


“These ain’t yo’ granddaddy’s eggs! Henderson Valley Eggs- you’re gonna love our eggggsss!!!”

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Lizard people definitely lay eggs.


You misunderstand.

This is merely part of a subliminal psychological warfare campaign to make boys believe they can produce eggs and give birth. It’s just one of many components of a larger plan to inflict widespread transsexualism on boys, with the ultimate goal to drastically reduce the number of men.

It’ll all become apparent once the Earth is depopulated of the human race, and the aliens take over.

I hope this clears things up.



Dejah Thoris!


With the pirate ones, at least there’s a parrot on the box.

Ah, yes. Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue. Beautiful plumage, isn’t it?


Yeah, I couldn’t find anyone else saying so. None of the quotes or comments from the linked article even mention boys, girls, gender - actually, any English words at all. So it must just be Cory… but out of curiosity, he never said the pirate eggs were the ones for boys, so how do you know which he thought was which?


I love this comment. I wish I could heart it more than once. Everything about it is just perfect.


Cue bendy guitar!

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“'If this is what’s necessary to get kids to eat more eggs, there’s something wrong with the way you raise them.”

This bugs me.

If you think gender stereotyping is solely caused–or prevented–by parents, you are woefully ignorant of the scope of the problem. You can, and should, do everything humanly possible to show your kid that boys and girls are allowed to like whatever roles and colors they want; but unless you never let them leave the basement your kids are going to meet other kids, and they’re going to notice that most of the girls like pink and most of the boys like badasses, and they’re going to make their own decisions based on the world they see around them. And those decisions may not be the ones you would’ve liked.