Nosferatu's hand belt buckle


Hard to imagine - I would like to see this on a model. Living, if that can be arranged.

I’m more of a Greek Classics kind of guy – got any belt buckles featuring the Dead Hand of Plato?

That Asteroid belt guy needs to put his heavenly nugget in the clutches of this buckle…

Who will be first to connect one to a robotic arm?


Pretty sure I’ve seen that hand before:

Troll my imagination and this is what happens.
Ugh. I blame you.

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Whoa nice. I imagined it horizontal, not copping a feel like that.

My SO had one of these babies 20 years ago back when we were Goth as Fuck™.

Made by Alchemy Gothic, I think it might still be in my attic.

EDIT: It wasn’t quite as big, but otherwise fucking identical.

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