An $84,000 belt buckle




… and people starve. Sorry this is just excessive.


I just watched a minute long ad that spent most of its time right in knockoff Jeff Goldblums crotch.


Not to mention the fact that this is one of the stupidest products ever.


You really can’t appreciate a belt buckle like this unless you’ve tried one. The rare metals used in the closure fitting unleashes the inherit suppleness of the belt leather that inferior buckles leave dormant, or at worse, shackle. Combined with the proper gaberdine weave in the slacks, and you will be overwhelmed by the radiance and sheer ease of each stride. Even the clasping mechanic is heavenly sonorous, provided you have the proper listening environment.

When I wake up and find my butler has set this out for my daily outfit, I just beam with pride knowing that’s his way of saying I didn’t overly offend any of the house staff the prior night.


Is this satire ? Is this art ? Is this buckle social commentary ? I am confused.

Did LiarTown U.S.A. make this ?


A belt buckle for people who don’t know how awls work. And it doesn’t even look good.


If only, yeah it’s well made obviously but this is a belt buckle for the 1% for purposes of boasting & making sure you never get your grubby hands on the money.


I feel like there’s some joke where NASA developed this for perfectly-fitting astronaut pants, while the Soviet Union just used an elastic waistband.


Actually, this is more of a way of separating the 1% from some of their money. It’s trickle-down economics, one belt buckle at a time.


while part of me admires the mechanical overkill, the rest of me cries for the waste. not just the money to buy, but the engineering effort that could have gone into desalinization plants for clean water, or better distribution methods for food, or the general advancement of science. the person who buys this? should spend 2x the price on some philanthropic activity.


Tax. The. Rich.


The person who buys this is going to hell. Not because of the buckle, but because of something else they probably did.


it’s about time someone made this. i hear the swiss make wonderfully lever-y levers.

god i need a bridgeport.


Um, I have a belt buckle that allows precise adjustment with unlimited resolution. It has exactly two parts that simply hinge together…simple and elegant, and would cost maybe $15 new.


So wait, what does it mechanically do? It has the little ratcheting bit, but does that control/adjust anything? Is it just something to fiddle with?


For $84,000, I’d hold the fuckwit’s trousers up myself.


Noway near as good as this anyway. Pff!

You don’t even get Thermite grenades with the Bogey.


Nice to see a belt buckle that cost more than ones yearly earnings.


Do they help with targeting?