An $84,000 belt buckle

My favorite part is that it gets completely covered by the dude’s suit at the end.


Nah, thats, just pocket change, x10 to the 2 at least.

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Made from the finest Peruvian vicuña, of course.


“The cost and availability of Veblen goods in a society is inversely proportional to the health of that society.” --Me


Or double one years earnings, after taxes :frowning:

Also, just the sales tax on this thing is quite a bit more that what I paid for my first car (and second car)

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Lemme get this right: it’s 84K, but still uses that goddamned faulty friction clasp with metal teeth to grip the belt? Christ what an asshole.


Because Mechanical Engineers who specialize in clockworks, jewelry design, and similar are JUST the people needed for desalinization plants or food distribution.

In reality, this is likely 1 or two old skilled craftsmen and a really savvy marketer/sales type. . .


How long do you seriously think you could tolerate that?


I have a piece of rope in my garage that’ll hold up my britches no problem. So by my calculation I’ve just saved myself $84,000. BANK it baby! I FUCKING ROCK!!!


Finally, an appropriate item on which to hang my Vertu® phone


Perfect gift for the abusive father, no way he’ll hit you with that thing.

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Okay, this thing is pretty damn sumptuous, but I’m really having trouble seeing more than two thousand quid in it, and even that seems like a stretch…

Pretty sure it’s the trick of slapping some arbitrary price on that’s so huge, the odd fuckwit who gets sucked in pays for all the lost sales, so you can knock off at morning smoko instead of making belt buckles all day.

Actually, I think it’s pretty nifty. You have a big lunch, reach down and tweak the lever, and loosen your dacks some appropriate fraction of the distance between holes. Win.

I’m tipping this design will get ripped off to buggery as soon as cheap 3D printers can do metal.


Bah! It’s still hand-powered. It should be electric or, better yet, steam!

So, it doesn’t open beer bottles? Nuts to that, then.

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I’d argue that. I assume not that there’s someone whose talents are being wasted on belt buckles, but that making a more awesome belt buckle is truly their calling. Just as there’s not really a “good at sports” there isn’t really a “good at engineering”. The person who designed this might make a terrible desalinisation plant.

for $84k it better be doing more in my lap then holding my pants up.

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I get the impression that after you’ve stuffed yourself full of lobster and caviar you can fiddle with your ratchet for 22mm of extra girth. Essentially you’re paying $83,950 to not have to slightly undo your belt before selecting the next hole.

TIL there is a luxury belt buckle maker called Roland Iten. Super limited hand crafted Swiss watches are no longer enough, now its all about the belt buckles.

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