Nostalgia alert - Scan of "Your Computer" magazine from 1983

So many hours typing in BASIC programs from Byte Magazine, line by line, only to get the dreaded ‘syntax error’… and then spend hours going through all of those accursed PEEK and POKE commands to find out what number I missed.

But in the end: a crappy 8 bit animation of a blocky alien guy bouncing up and down! or something!

This was my idea of fun in the 80s. it was the FUTURE!


Me too. Once.

Software for Vic20 and ZX81 - fun times. I still have an '81 somewhere in the basement, along with big 16k RAM expansion module. Never used much.

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my dad typed in “Presidential Power”

Can’t locate the other games I remember. One involved flying a plane into balloons to pop them before they could … do something…

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