Nothing to see here. Move along, citizen

What gives?

Someone switched that thread from it’s original lounge category (only visible to regulars) to dizzy, then you commented in it as a member, then I switched it back to lounge after @daneel noticed it was in dizzy. Then you got alerts, but aren’t able to see it any more since you’re a member.


We are lowly mortals. The Food of the Gods is not for us to taste.

The Elite of this place just play dumb GIF games too apparently.



‘Regular’ has a crazy threshold. It should be ‘Addict’.


I mean come on, I am a regular. but not a Regular.


You could do it, I’m certain. You’d probably have to change your habits for two days, and then do minor upkeep stuff from then on.

I earned Regular the old fashioned way… Just opening up a tab pointing at the BBS and letting the auto-refresh script run once a minute. Then I’d just read whatever threads look interesting. I pretty much live here.

It’s this one which gets me…

  • of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25%

That’s a bit rough. IMO this and one or two other criteria should be tweaked to reflect the number of actual regulars (it’s probably around the monkeyshpere, come to think of it (200)), while the forty-six Regulars (or perhaps a subset of them) can be a new trust level called Leader and get say, a little badge next to their name and the ability to pin topics in the Lounge or something. And the Leaders can be called what they are, Mods.

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That’s the one that keeps me out, too. I just don’t have time to read the posts that don’t immediately interest me, and that’s probably 80% of them. It’s just the other 20% are sooooo good!

I kinda miss the Lounge (I was allowed in for a couple months), but I assume that the conversation outside the Lounge with those same Regulars is just as good.


It isn’t all that active really. You are not missing anything, the most fun is the questions thread if you ask me



That thread that was opened is the only one that sees any posts, and only then to say hello to people as they become Regulars.

What would be the fun of having a thread less people could participate in?


I know I need help, I’m just worried the other people at the support groups would beat me up.


I do love the questions thread, but I’m a few thousand behind. And I don’t want to skip any.


I read 'em all. At least Boing thinks I did…

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It’s all about the fiber.


Is there some trick to keeping track of new posts in various categories? I saw a post about fermenting earlier, I wanted to participate, but I had no time. Now I have the time, and I can’t find the topic. Ditto for gardening. I see endless “boing” topic discussions that I could never hope to keep track of. I can only find the Ask a Question thread because I have bookmarked it.

Yes, I freely admit I’m a moron, am relatively new here, and I haven’t RTFM, if in fact there are any? (If there are, where are they?) Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope!

And in a nod to @codinghorror (hey I know you!) this Discourse forum software is amazing, but not intuitively obvious. (Not a criticism, just an observation.)

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And you made that popup appear how?