Nototo - memory palace style note taking

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I’m waiting for someone to build a cool game with this.

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Interesting. I do a lot with mind maps because the visual approach works for me, so I think I’ll try this out.
I do fear that this software will also enable me to procastrinate on an Olympic level.


yeah looks like a Katamari Damacy map just waiting to happen


Cool idea! I’d try it.

Maybe I’m just weird, or it’s nostalgia, but I find this track sublime and wonderful. Has nothing to do with the original post.

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Microsoft surely didn’t invent this, but they made a vision video with the same concept, the idea being that teams can build out a “birds-eye-view” of their project. Goofy Minority Report style (or Jurassic Park) flyover hand gestures are unnecessary of course.


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