Now in print: Neil Gaiman's "novelistic" book of Norse mythos


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This reminds me. My husband really likes Norse mythology, and has nordic heritage. He has just found out that any tattoo he thought would be cool to commemorate that is currently coopted by white supremacists. He is pretty irritated by the whole thing.


Yeah, I’d imagine that would be a Thor subject.


Yea but anything Norse needs a Loki approach because of all the coopted crap that goes on.


At the risk of derailing a budding pun thread, here’s to the sincere hope that this new book is less tedious than American Gods was.


American Gods had its moments.


My spouse is a Lokean. She had the perfect tattoo idea which completely suits her life over the past several years, her general approach toward adversity, and current events in the world. And she can’t use it because shitheaded white supremacists have co-opted it. She’s just glad that most of them are anti-Loki since the feeling is mutual.


Christian here.

Your wife sounds like an awesome lady.


I Wodin worry about it if I were you.


this came at an opportune time – i loved American Gods, and yesterday i was looking for something new to read and saw this. preordered it for kindle and boom, it’s waiting for me tonight. can’t wait.


Hey, I feel for your husband. I like fedoras and have been wearing one since a lot of the gamergater types were in their diapers. Strangely, I also know that it’s not about ethics in journalism. I’ll be damned though if they get to take my hat. My head gets cold and I like the fit.

Coopting can be a two-way street too. This guy lived his life trying to reappropriate the swastika from idiots:

(Scroll down in article to see his tats)

He was a local icon and a sweet human being by all accounts I heard.


Yup! Pre-ordered this ages ago and then kinda forgot about it. Got the notification yesterday that it shipped, so now I’m just waiting around for the mail. Should be arriving with a Squirrel Girl YA novel which I also pre-ordered, so that’s cool.

I like pre-ordering from Amazon. It’s like giving your future self a present and you can often get a pretty good price, since you get whatever the lowest price is between when you order and when it’s released.


Oh, is this going to be a Frigga pun thread?


How about a tattoo of Idris Elba as Heimdall? That was the cause of so much butthurt amongst certain groups when the first Thor movie was released.


Unfortunately, I think some white supremacists have long used Norse mythological symbols and have been fascinated by pre-Christian mythologies from Nordic and Celtic peoples. It’s bulllshit on their part and always has been. [ETA] I too, feel for your hubby. [quote=“plc, post:14, topic:94543”]
How about a tattoo of Idris Elba as Heimdall?

I love this.



The thread will Freya soon enough.


Then we’ll have to Nott it back together.


I’m not wrong. It’s an alternate fact, is all.


In all alternate realities you’d still be wrong.