NSA and GHCQ targeted WikiLeaks and supporters with surveillance, international pressure


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Yup. Harassing dissidents, just like the Stasi. Wait for the little quislings to crawl out of the woodwork with their justifications for it.

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In this specific context, I don’t think that ‘psych- lol -gy’ is a misspelling (although, personally, I’d have spelt it ‘psychlology’).

(see, for example, lolar bear)


Clickbait much? That single content-free image slide is the only mention of LOLcats in the entire mess.


So terriblee…

The NSA has an political enemies list and they use their power against them. It’s not complicated. What is the NSA is doing extremely illegal and they know it.

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They learned their lesson from the best:

from the wikipedia article:

The Stasi perfected the technique of psychological harassment of perceived enemies known as Zersetzung (pronounced [ʦɛɐ̯ˈzɛʦʊŋ]) – a term borrowed from chemistry which literally means “decomposition”.
By the 1970s, the Stasi had decided that methods of overt persecution which had been employed up to that time, such as arrest and torture, were too crude and obvious. It was realised that psychological harassment was far less likely to be recognised for what it was, so its victims, and their supporters, were less likely to be provoked into active resistance, given that they would often not be aware of the source of their problems, or even its exact nature. Zersetzung was designed to side-track and “switch off” perceived enemies so that they would lose the will to continue any “inappropriate” activities.
Tactics employed under Zersetzung generally involved the disruption of the victim’s private or family life. This often included psychological attacks such as breaking into homes and messing with the contents – moving furniture, altering the timing of an alarm, removing pictures from walls or replacing one variety of tea with another. Other practices included property damage, sabotage of cars, purposely incorrect medical treatment, smear campaigns including sending falsified compromising photos or documents to the victim’s family, denunciation, provocation, psychological warfare, psychological subversion, wiretapping, bugging, mysterious phone calls or unnecessary deliveries, even including sending a vibrator to a target’s wife. Usually victims had no idea the Stasi were responsible. Many thought they were losing their minds, and mental breakdowns and suicide could result.
One great advantage of the harassment perpetrated under Zersetzung was that its subtle nature meant that it was able to be plausibly denied.


A good portion of the NSA is a corporatist spying apparatus that feeds public business secrets to the corrupt while doing everything in its evil power to protect the corrupt. It’s a profitable tool to keep down anyone and everyone that tries to expose their corruption, whether it be activists or whistleblowers.

The NSA is a mega-corp lapdog operating under the guise of protecting our safety. It’s the enemy of the American public and the sooner the public realizes this, the better.


That single content-free image slide is the only mention of LOLcats in the entire mess.

Do you have a point?

See? I have always maintained cats are untrustworthy. Now here’s proof.

“The enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine” doesn’t work for you then?

Well, I like dogs…

Intriguing slides. I’d like to seethe speaker’s notes.

The introvert is licking his balls.

In my house this would be a clarion call to armed revolution. “Active resistance” my ass.

I think I made it pretty clearly with the word “clickbait.”

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