NSA capo heckled at Black Hat conference

If what Snowden said wasn’t true, then how come Obama et al. are shitting in their pants about the whole situation? If he was just some dumb idiot, wouldn’t they simply have ignored him? Ok, maybe that’s reductionist on my part, as Snowden’s claims have clearly whipped up a big media storm, but the government seems awfully defensive (sorry, pulling that totally out of my ass, no I don’t have a citation) if these allegations are false.

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Snowden was a sysadmin. The regs don’t mean anything to him because he had admin access to all the systems and databases. What we need is a dump of the database so we can see what data they are collecting. That’s all the evidence we need. It’s the evidence that matters.

Personally, I want my data. My hope is that after these surveillance systems are torn down and the guilty are put away forever that we are all able to get access to the data collected on us so we can understand what they did to us.

So much for the regs.

That’s not too surprising, as email is completely insecure.

I am not a spook, but I have been a nameless, faceless IRS bureaucrat. Gestapo, even. At the IRS there’s a very very strict taboo on accessing any file you’re not assigned to work on. Check out your ex’s taxes, or George Zimmerman’s or whoever, and you’ll be cleaning out your desk inside an hour - and possibly prosecuted. We were told there were watchmen over us watchmen, and every keystroke was logged. I never tested that assertion.

I know NSA =/= IRS, but by analogy I can see there are probably some pretty tight controls to prevent shenanigans. That part of the story makes sense. What we need to be worried about is not a snoopy cop, but the next J. Edgar Hoover. And there will be one.

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No one ever asks this gentlemen the most salient question; “What’s your favorite hand lube?”

The IRS is well known for being one of the most responsible branches of government, and one with the strictest safeguards, most transparency, and best regulations.

I would NOT assume that your experience with the IRS is reflective of how things are handled at the NSA. That would, in my opinion, be a relatively baseless assumption.

I understand. I’m assuming one Federal agency smells pretty much like another, but I could be flat wrong.

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