Former NSA head Keith Alexander interviewed by John Oliver


That little snippet reminds me of this:

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That was great, he really eased into that one.

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0:56 seconds in, the Freudian slip: “The tru… er, the reality is, the target is not the American people.”


He has had some media training. 'Don’t ever say. ‘The Truth is…’ or “honestly…” or “I can guarantee…” all no nos.

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Exactly. He can’t even use the word truth.

He says they all admitted mistakes and then he says those who didn’t admit it were caught. So which is it? And Snowden didn’t do the damage. The government created the damage in destroying the security on the net. I know that, personally, I have reduced purchases.

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If getting Alexander to echo ‘Trevor’ like that was deliberate, it had to be a Mighty Boosh homage.


The rest of the program was a bit disappointing, though.

Not least because the most important bit (India) was lifted wholesale from the previous edition of The Bugle.

I’ll keep watching, though.

Is it just me, or is the former head of the NSA a little tipsy?

He’s a liar. Everything that comes out of his mouth is poison. The lies are so dense that you have to be extremely careful that some unnoticeable lie penetrates your mind. We should not interview these people at all. We should let them speak at trial.

Oliver sets up a hilarious trap. I’m paraphrasing here:

Q. What would you like Edward Snowden to know, other than a lot less?

A. I’d sit him down and show him all the damage he’s done.

Q. So you’d share classified information with the one man most likely to leak it. Can you understand why people question your judgment?

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We’re the only government agency that truly listens to you. Classy!

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