NSA says it will take four years to answer questions about its kids' coloring book

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"Please be advised that this estimate is subject to change.”


What a relief. I wouldn’t want them spending money unnecessarily tracking down how much money they spent.


I don’t suppose it’s occurred to anyone this might not actually be the only FOIA request the NSA has received in recent years? In fact it might not even be the most important.

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the description sounds as if the NSA has one case officer, working part-time

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It took them over half a year to reply that someone will look at the request in 12 to 18 months. Probably legal (I don’t know details of FOIA) but imo not acceptable.


And how much money did they spend making that response?


Let’s ask!


seems like a boilerplate response. they probably have to sift through all the FOIA requests about aliens, HAARP, mind control, and fluoride too, in the order they were received. but let’s not let reality get in the way of our internet outrage.

hey cory, if you want to help out, why don’t you go work for the NSA?

I bet they don’t even know & it’ll probably take them that long to figure it out.


To be fair (or at least less clickbaity), it seems like they’re saying it’ll take them 3-4 years to respond to anything.

Not that that’s a good thing.


Because anything stronger than “requests” to your own employees could be an imposition… and actual work. Sounds like a great precedent to resign oneself to. /s

The first two sentences are spot-on, relevant and useful to the discussion.

The last two sentences make you sound like a bit of a prat. Perhaps both of us should stop at noting useful things before our pointless insults make us look like idiotic assholes.


I’d take that as 4 years plus

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Welcome to the Government! Take a number and have a seat!

And people wonder WHY I don’t like the idea of more government programs. Because of shit like THIS. They are slow and inept. Even those sectors doing “good” take fucking for ever to accomplish anything. My ex works in the Dept of Labor and investigates benefits fraud by companies. It can take years to get through a cut and dry case. Hell they had a sexual predator in the office, took YEARS to get him officially investigated and he had a year paid not working while they figured out whether to finally fire him or not.

That is often a combination of red tape and understaffing, which is a frustrating combination, especially when red tape prevents appropriate staffing.


Fun fact, many of the 3-letter-agencies have kids areas on their websites.

Even better is what they have in their gift shops!

And people who literally play solitaire half the day.

Not joking.

I know - #notallgovernmentemployees

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yeah, well that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

if cory is being an obtuse douche, he should be called out as such.

Oh, I agree, which is why I called you out as a prat.