NSA says it will take four years to answer questions about its kids' coloring book

Yeah, it’s one of those bits where you have departments that are super overfunded and others that are way understaffed and they can’t correct because of all the red tape involved. It’s a frustrating situation to be in and is the other side to the problem that plagues many corporate companies of the hyper-deliverable driven situation that reacts too quickly and creates a revolving door problem.

Better “slow and inept” than “agile, disruptive, and inept.”

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I could reply materially to this comment, but I can’t.

In an undertoned way, this is oddly similar to the “Christmas Project” that appears in the series Alias.

The NSA is trademarking stuff? Well y’know, I claim copyright on all emails and other communications that I make, unless otherwise noted. By intercepting and/or storing them, the NSA and its buddies are in direct violation of the law (not just any law, but the almighty copyright law!) and owe me some big money.

ProTip for protecting your secrets, kids: don’t let any government agency or employee get near them.

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It’s a perfect example of this. A thread to catalog all the other threads

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