NTSB re-investigate plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper




Kudos to L.J. Coon!



This is an incredibly overblown story. Basically a guy sent a letter to the NTSB, the NTSB said, “thanks, we’ll get back to you,” and the news organizations blared “NTSB to consider reopening investigation.”

Not gonna happen.


So if it turns out that it wasn’t pilot error and instead aircraft malfunction, are they going to issue a recall?

Also, I’d like them to look into a flight from 1903 where not all safety equipment was full utilized.


They have top men working on it right now.



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Top. Men.


Top. Men.

Gah! Ninja’d!


As an air pirate and space pirate, respectively, I’m surprised your phones aren’t ringing as we speak…


He forgot them in silent mode. Meetings do that to you.


There was no decent loot in that cargo.


The article doesn’t even suggest there’s any new data or anything. Did they find the black box or something?


Maybe they’ll find the plane didn’t crash at all and Buddy Holly is just fine at 79.


“Elvis and I just wanted to be together,” he said, while stroking his life mate’s hand. “Celebrity prevented that. But our shared tragedies made us stronger as a couple.”


BB Headline: “NTSB re-investigate plane crash”
BB Article: “National Transportation Safety Board may re-examine the accident”
Source Article: Someone claiming to be a pilot claims that the NTSB sent him an e-mail saying “You have gotten our attention.”

You’re better than this, guys.


As we all know, Buddy Holly is alive and well on Ganymede.


This was already resolved by The Kids in the Hall way back in 1988.

“What’s that drunk monkey doing?..”


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