Number of terrorist attacks around the world is down, despite Trump's fear-mongering


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Silly question. Why illustrate a story about a release from the State Department with a photo of the SEC headquarters?



But see, when WE do it, it’s not bad, it’s in defense of freedom and against those Godless commies! /s

To be fair, the Soviets engaged in the exact same behaviors. We made this modern, shitty world together with the Russians.


Wait, does this make colluding with Russia presidential?


Ha! Maybe!

It’s weird, but in a way the US and Soviets did sort of “collude” in the sense that having a big bad scary monster to point to helped both sides to justify their actions both domestically and globally. We could claim that the commies were out to end all free market democracies, while they could claim that the imperialist pigdogs were out to destroy any hint of left leaning thinking.

Reminds me of a joke a Russian history professor once told me when he was living in the Soviet Union in the 70s. He said a fellow (Soviet) grad student looked at him on the bus one day and said “what’s the difference between the Soviet Union and America?” He shrugged and the Soviet guy said “In America, it’s dog eat dog, in Soviet Union, it’s just the opposite”!


Maybe the number of terror attacks are down because terrorists believe Trump will do much of their job for them? Specifically, the job of terrorizing.


not counting terrorism that the US perpetrates on others? people talk about laws against economic terrorism but neo-colonialism is really the most terrifying kind, and nevermind the ongoing actual colonialism, since we are, y’know, on stolen land and all


They missed “trans people using the toilet”.


I wonder why Saudi Arabia was not on the list of top sponsors?


Because they’re our friends, duh!


And ours!

Yay, happy families!


How is this not just a new version of the Kirkpatrick Doctrine, I ask!

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