Since 911, domestic radicals deadlier in US than Jihadis


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Wow, almost as deadly as the anti-terror response on planes.


Does this mean we can finally dismantle the TSA?


So is there now agreement that the Fort Hood killings were in fact jihadist in nature?

I recall that right after that event. there was a lot of effort early on to play the “lone nut” card, and not to tag jihadist ideology as responsible.

In contrast to the Charleston killings, where “lone nut” is not even on anyone’s radar screen.


Totally got that Antrhax person… oh wait.


[quote=“lolipop_jones, post:4, topic:60354”]
where “lone nut” is not even on anyone’s radar screen.
[/quote]what do you mean by this? Use more words for clarity?


…I wonder if this means we can start calling Fox News what it is - a breeding ground for and ideology that encourages acts of terrorism against the democratically elected government of the United States of America…


What’s your agenda here? Please explain.

MANY news outlets have described Roof as a “lone wolf,” even though he’s not one. At best, he’s a lone wolf in a pack of other lone wolves.


Swell - a study based on a premise amounting to “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”


And at 1,100 per year, 30 times as many have been killed by police…


Isn’t that because we’re fighting “them” over “there” whereas the domestic radicals are fighting us over here?


It’s gonna take a whole lot more "lone wolf"s to catch up with the Gangs in Blue. :confused:


Unless we call all of the officers “lone wolves”.

Problem solved!


those are ‘bad apples’.

apples and wolves man, you just can’t trust their agendas


I’m surprised the combined numbers are so low. 5.3 Americans killed per year from both domestic radicals and Jihadis. Am I reading that correctly: (48+26)/14? The exposure these events gain in the media might suggest to some people that radicals are killing off a significant percentage of our population.

I understand that the political undercurrents beneath the deaths are important; a racial supremacist mass-murdering people is more significant for reasons beyond the number of people slaughtered. The disproportionate amount of media coverage is still staggering.


The applewolf (Cainus mālum), a breed well known for its solitary and anti-social behavior, has been known to randomly strike passerby in orchards. Lying in wait at the top of trees, their reddish coats blend perfectly with their surroundings before dropping onto unsuspecting apple pickers. They are the leading cause of injuries in orchards and typically aim for the prominent hand of most pickers. Here, you can see someone who has learned first hand to protect her remaining fingers by using a basket-mounted stick.


We can only hope


But most of these guys call themselves ‘Christians’ so that makes it different from the other terrorists.


Roof is a footsoldier for domestic terror cells and their leaders.

White Nationalist Group Defends Dylann Roof’s “Legitimate Grievances”


Yeah, instead we had TP’ers trying to turn him into an anti-religion nut.