Numbr, an elegant online calculator

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Looks like the Jupyter notebook of calculators. That’s really handy!

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I used Soulver for quite some time, and bought every version for both Mac and iPhone, but the subscription pricing is too high for me given my usage, and I can’t seem to reinstall the older version on my iPhone. I tried Calca, but it’s a bit too clunky, and I missed the autoupdating right column. Very happy to see this.


One of things I loved is that it showed you the record of each calculation, so you could visually follow your chain of mathematical reasoning — kind of like in the old days, with calculators that typed out each line of figures on a spool of paper.

FWIW, the default Mac calculator app does do this - command+T shows a “Paper Tape” window.


I’d possibly buy something like this to download, but I’m uncomfortable writing out my monthly finances in detail in some random website.


Initial excitement was dashed by not handling “1024 in hex”.


Do people know that you can always tell Google most any arithmetic and it will act as a calculator?

Yes, but this serves a different purpose. It’s a notepad that does calculations. It’s the fact that you can write out your thoughts as prose, and then deal with the numbers right inline.


The aforementioned Soulver is a native Mac app.


A good friend of mine runs InstaCalc (available at that name dot com) which has a similar mode of operation… Web-based with an optional Chrome extension if you want to be able to pull up calculations from anywhere. Can also save calcs for sharing and later use.

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