Plainbudget: do your budgeting with a plain text file

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Those math problems are within my scope. I’ll bet I could save processor cycles and do them with a pencil! Check my work, guys, I love a challenge!

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I stopped doing double booking because I constantly found myself using X11 forwarding to use GNUcash from one location. Otherwise I would have to sync up what seems like hundreds of finance files GNUcash likes to write in one sitting. Which lead to the thought of using a cloud service to run a Linux box to do my accounting…

With this I think I can finally admit the real reason I don’t do double book accounting is my inherent laziness. Although, this seems like I can semi automate things with some hacked together perl scripts that screws up something in an incredibly subtle way that makes balancing to zero an impossibility.

Calca is a desktop app that is basically a Markdown editor that does math. It’s pretty cool.

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