Nurse wins contest to watch movies for one week in isolated Swedish lighthouse

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Does she have to watch all 60 films? Is there enough time to do that? I mean, a week of true solitude sounds amazing but the need to watch so much film seems like it really would ruin the overall experience. Doesn’t matter much where you are if all you’re doing is sitting in a darkened room all day.

At the same time, how isolated can it be if she’s posting a video to the internet every day?


It’s a Two Thoreau’s worth. Isolated, but no walks into town for supplies, yet able to communicate with the outside world.


“Isolated Cinema experience”,

Been doing that for a whole year now, please let me out, soon.


I calculated it- if its exactly 7 days, she has to watch slightly more than 8.5 movies a day. For simplicity’s sake, if every movie is 2 hours long, she will have exactly 7 hours to sleep each night watching nonstop.

In actuality, less- because she also has to eat and go to the bathroom.

In reality, betting that many arent a full 2 hours.

If it were me I would ask for 2 weeks so I could enjoy just sitting and watching the ocean in the middle of nowhere which to me would be the great appeal of such a place.


When the week is over I hope we find out how many film she actually watched. I think I would have watched the sea for quite a bit.


If they secretly include Robert Eggers’s The Lighthouse, they’ll have a lot to answer for.

PS: I greatly enjoyed the film… but in our living room.


I think there’s every reason to believe that she’ll catch a few zees during at least one of the films. :sleeping:


Inception, but with lighthouses. They could make a movie about that.

And then screen it next year- in the lighthouse.


Trained for this all my life. Neglected to learn Swedish. :frowning_face:


Ha! The odd night I’m on my own and everyone else is away I’ve tended to go watch back to backs in the cinema or cook multi course vegan at home and then watch a film that nobody else in the house would watch. And not say a word until I go into work the next day.

I’m really gregarious but it’s heaven to recharge the batteries like that.

I’d love this but would likely watch 3 movies max between windy walks a day.


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