Nvidia debuts tech demo for AI integration in games

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Same, but I don’t think it has to be either/or. A game in which there’s a set/desired narrative, but AI gives the NPCs some latitude as to how to develop it could be really cool. In this case I see the writer as working to both write the narrative, and train the AI in story telling. There are big studios who would lean on the cost-savings side, but there are a lot of games out there with really well written content, made by shops that care about telling stories.

ETA: for sure, though, the generic route is the one that all the F2P, gachapon type games will be going.


“A non-playable character”?

Great. I doubt their “AI” is local to the player’s machine, so as soon as they decide that the game has reached the end of its earnings, they’ll pull the plug.


The only thing worse than stilted, wooden scripted NPCs, is AI on the fly NPCs…

How long before they start hurling slurs? Or give you completely wrong information (though, honestly, if you’re asking people on the streets about crime boss info, most likely what they have is wrong.)


AI-powered NPC grinds its resources, creates its dialog…

NPC: “…”
Player: “Skip!”


i could see it being used behind the scenes too, to take the original content ( and prompts ) to generate in game books, dialog, and more… then have writers edit it down.

it becomes a tool like landscape generation or something. a collaboration between a skilled person and the software.

the areas i wonder more about are voices and animations. if you could autogenerate, or even produce on the fly, unique voices and expressions - that seems like a ton of work which suddenly vanishes


Interesting question!

Why would anyone want that? Maybe it’s similar to people who want the car to do the driving for them? Your AI could manage loot inventory & sales (in games with a cumbersome interface) and you can focus on the gameplay you enjoy most?

Or AI that mutes intrusive advertisements on mobile FTP games?

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That would likely only improve Grand Theft Auto or Fallout NV whereas I bet it would destroy Zelda or Final Fantasy.

Do you think eSports will be effected by AI game content?

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“Non Playable Character” means everyone except the player, not that you don’t want to play your character.

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It was Non-Player Character back in the old days. (Although some NPCs did have a bit of PC glow when they were the GM’s favorites.)

Non-Payer Character should be a thing for the people who are determined to get through a game without buying all the buffs and extras with cash.


all the replay and announcer stuff is already ai, really. it’s just a specific (set of) ai algorithms rather than a single generic one.

generic gpt like algorithms might lower the barrier of entry for some competitor to release a similarly detail project. i suspect the existing publishers, ea, etc. might keep what they have, seeing they already have poured millions ( probably ) into it.

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It didn’t sound at all disjointed to me. It sounded shockingly realistic and seamless.

I’m all for paying writers, but I’d rather play a game in which my potential interactions with NPCs have a wide scope, not limited just to the fixed scenarios envisioned by writers. I like @abides’ idea of stories written by writers but augmented by AI, which is probably where the industry is going.


How was this much different from typing “Where is crime-lord?” and waiting for the canned response?

Ask the bartender if his dishwasher is operating at the temperature required by the health department… or if he’s ever loved and lost before.

Or maybe the goal isn’t to have meandering conversations to flesh out the parameters of the ‘world’ and just get to the thrust of the game/buying online tokens? I’m a non-gamer so some of this stuff goes in one ear & out the other, but if this is some Earth-shattering advancement… lost on me.

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what do you think this is, disco elysium? :wink:


“If you were an evil chemistry teacher, how would you cook meth?”

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Oh. I see.

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