NY Times headline from 2025 "America's emerging dictatorship has liberals on edge. But for some, the stability and absence of hard choices is a welcome change."

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Today on Mediaite: “NEW POLL: 7 Out of 10 Republican Voters Believe a Strong Economy is a ‘Bigger Concern’ Than a ‘Functioning Democracy’”(NEW POLL: 7 Out of 10 Republican Voters Believe a Strong Economy is a ‘Bigger Concern’ Than a ‘Functioning Democracy’)


At least we’re spared that tired old cliché about “making the trains run on time”, because trains are public transport, and a truly American dictatorship would want nothing to do with that socialist nonsense.


that would mean logically that they dont care the vote was “stolen”. and, given the gdp, stock market, and jobs numbers it would have them voting - muling, sorry - straight blue

strange how it isn’t so :thinking:


Stability?!” What effing stability are they “thinking” of?! merkin von bankrupt, its so-called administration and its minions are and were chaos engines! Nothing was stable!

Foreign relations? Unstable AF.
The economy? Unstable AF.
The plague “response”? Unstable AF.
Civil rights? Unstable AF.
Stock market? Unstable AF.
The 2020 election? Uh huh.


What about trains that carry genius new alloys, though?


Not entirely implausible – but neglects to note that the base of the GOP has been champing at the bit for wide-scale bloodletting, while the desire to Own the Libs is going to have them pursuing disastrous policies just because it’ll make the right people upset.

IOW, when Trump takes back over, you’re going to get multiple dystopias, both historical and fictional, happening all at once, from various combinations of “The Christians want Gilead,” “The white supremacists want 1939 Germany,” and “The Deplorables think dead babies are hilarious.”


hey now, there’s been violence on both sides. /s


It was the mass transportation mode of the time

Today it’s about airport “security” and gas prices

After The Event it might be about stopping traffic jams by keeping the Wrong People off the roads


Perfect for Halloween, scares the shit out of me.


So they don’t care about those things, or they watch Fox News and don’t hear about those things.

The stability they crave is kind of like the old Soviet stability. You didn’t vote, or you just voted for the one guy on the ballot. Everything sucked, but it sucked for everyone. Every day is kind of the same, just like in the good old days, when every day was kind of the same.


I can kind of see the stability thing. Not for me, personally, but I get it.
A good friend of mine grew up in East Berlin, the wall came down when she was 14 or 15. She said how, at first, it was really strange and scary b/c up until then, everything had been all laid out for her. She knew where she would go to school and that someone would tell her what to do for a living and so on. She was an amazing person, so it was humbling to realize even someone like her could kind of fall into that mindset.
Kind of reminds me of all this anger in old mill and manufacturing towns, from people who assumed they would grow up and work for the mill, put in their 30 years like their grandparents did, and have a good life.
It doesn’t excuse their behaviors now, but it’s interesting to note the similar thinking.


One citizen at a truck-stop/diner/MAGA memorabilia store in Ohio, candidly told us he didn’t trust “readers” and preferred OANN for all his news, because “I always wondered why my life was so hard and some old friends from the neighborhood who went to some damned liberal colleges seemed to think I was a loser. But now, I know it’s not my fault: it’s the liberals, the Jews, the feminists, most women, the blacks, Jew lawyers, the university professors, muslims, all immigrants, out-of-touch Hollywood elites, libraries and books, children who don’t dress or act or do as they’re told by their betters, the anti-gun lobby, scientists and all that noise. Country music is the only music. Watching OANN makes me feel better about myself. I’m one of the true Americans. Feels good.”

We asked him who he’d like see become President in 2028.

“Eric Trump. I think he shares my values and would look out for the working man like myself. I went to a rally he held the other day. His campaign slogan was ‘Jews and Blacks better run for their lives.’ I like that. We need to clean things up. NO VERMIN. Oh yea, ‘Jews and Blacks run for their lives YEEEEE HAW’ is the full slogan. I bought a ‘I’m a HAW-er’ t-shirt right then and there. Eric’s a man for all true Americans.”

This shit writes itself.


My only critique is that the monologue is too coherent and comprehensive. No MAGA-er can list more than two things they hate before losing their train of thought and going on a whole new rant.


I did NAZI that coming… /s


There’s the complete dictatorial control of information media to consider as one is continued to be lulled into complacency with reinforcement of the party line and the threats associated with having an alternative opinion.


Do they, though? Do they let you?
It’s scary shit right now. Not where I am, so far, but these armed MAGAts sitting vigil is a freaky development this cycle.


feels like that extra word is needed at the end there.

it’s not like it would be some grey utopia where so long as you trudge forward you survive. not even the most abled bodied, straight, cis, white, married men and their families will get through that unharmed

one of the biggest drivers of the hate is the false belief that some othered group is making it better than you, or at least the fear that they might

they’re willing to hurt themselves to eliminate that chance, and those people


I voted early. Cautiously optimistic on a national scale, pessimistic on the local one (Texas).

But hey, I’m leaving myself open to pleasant surprises.


You’re being far too fair to me, spyramid. It’s me blowing off steam, because it’s all sooo insane to me. I’m one of those people who thought the Republican party were a fascist party when Reagan got elected in 1980. Was there coded language then? Were there overt authoritarian gestures by Republicans then? Yea, but mostly: I lived in a “conservative” area and listened to what people who liked Reagan said “in private” about everyone who wasn’t white and making a decent amount of money. Writing wuz on the wall then, for me. The Overton Window has slowly allowed all that hideous fascist worldview to be BLARING now. The Greek myth that most resonates with me is the Cassandra dealio.