NYC decides not to nuke Uber from orbit just yet

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There was no way they were going to throw up a major roadblock, people like me would have freaked out.

So any regulation is ‘nuking Uber from orbit’? I don’t get how normally progressive people can selectively abandon their values for one particular corporation just because they like the service.

There are times for having values.
And then there are times when one needs a ride.


What “values” are you referring to? The “value” of a cartel using political shenanigans to shut down a popular competitor whose less-shitty service threatens their monopoly? That “value”?


There are places in the US where getting a taxi is slightly above going to the dentist for a root canal. I hope to see uber regulated in a sane fashion, but the net positive is the pressure they have put on traditional services has made all… Err… Boats rise.

I don’t want uber to win. I just want cab services to not flip on available lights as a joke, to not always be 10 minutes away, and not turn off their meter.


You are right that “any regulation” is not nuking it from orbit but I can’t see what value there is for a government owned corporation to jerk around with their competitors for it’s own sake. Uber can also be disrupted, sure it’s hard to do, but the right to disrupt the status quo is one that businesses should have if it’s best for consumers and society.

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Uber are kind of dicks, no question, but the existing Taxi cartels … eh, no winners here.


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