NYC public school principal busted allegedly trying to start summer break a week early

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I guess the school of the future is just a week ahead.


Every June for me, my kids, their friends, for public and private schools in multiple states, there was always an understanding that the last 3-5 days were optional.

There might be game day, field trips, movies, picnics, or “class outside” but everyone knew that anyone could skip, go on vacation with their families, etc. without penalty. And this includes the year right before Covid threw a wrench into schedules.

Since this is the NY Post, I’m more than a little skeptical whether this is a full picture of what was going on. If the school was still open and kids could read, play Uno or watch a Mythbusters or Pixar marathon, I’m not sure that’s so bad. Most public schools are cranking up remedial summer school programs shortly anyways.


Were vacation plans involved? There was a Simpsons episode where Principal Skinner came up with a scheme to close the school a day early due to his airplane tickets to Hong Kong having the wrong date:


Yep. I have a child in a different NYC middle school and the last “marking period” already ended a week or two ago (i.e., teachers have already submitted grades). There are a few kids who opted into taking some optional standardized tests (I think the Regents exam for Algebra was today?), but otherwise they’re doing absolutely nothing in school right now.

Of course, as a family that sends our kids to summer camp, which usually starts before NYC schools officially end, I really wish NYC schools would just end a couple weeks earlier instead of having these pointless last several days of school. And NYC only makes it worse by adding in a couple of mid-week (so you can’t even take a three day weekend) days off at the beginning of June each year for Clerical Day and Chancellor’s Day.


When I attended school during the 70s and 80s, the school year always began on the Thursday after Labor Day, and ended w/a half day on Jun 14th.

Some of the rich kids took longer vacations with their families, and left early at the end of the year.


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