New York school makes poor kids huddle indoors while richer students attend carnival

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Jeez, at my sprogs school the PTSA makes sure EVERYONE can go to something like that, they even ask if you want to pay extra for other students who can’t on the forms.


Any field trip or during-school-hours event at my kids school was open to everyone, regardless. Some people donated extra to cover the kids that couldn’t. And if all couldn’t go, I’d have expected them to cancel the event. The principal at that school seemed to actively push for the kid’s to be excluded. What an idiot.


I can’t even. This leaves me speechless. People ask why we moved to New Jersey and it’s to get away from school policies like this.


[quote=“daneel, post:5, topic:58430, full:true”]
Poe’s Law?
[/quote]With Doctor O’s postings, it’s true believer all the way. Didn’t you see that low rez image of the dungeon, I mean auditorium.

These American kids rich and poor learned an important life lesson this day.
If you have money you can have fun, if you are poor you are not worthy.
They also learned that wealth has more to do with what you get from your parents than your own hard work.
The situation is worse in many countries but it is the American bootstrap myth which keeps poor people who want to be rich voting against their own interests.


From their principal, Ayn Rand…


Here’s the good news:

Pincus [Gary Pincus, president of Send in the Clowns Entertainment] said he’s happy to host the make-up party as soon as possible.
“If I had known that there were kids not allowed to attend the carnival, I would have paid for them,” he said, explaining that school carnivals are supposed to be for “all the children as a reward for getting through the school year.”

When the guy operating the for-profit carnival gets it better than the principal, it’s time to put him in charge.


My school principal had a second job/hobby as a clown.

Always thought that was a bad thing to tell us on his first day.


The writing in the article sets off too many B.S. bells for me.

Did the reporter attend the event?
She only interviewed one person, Frank Chow, president of the parents association.

However, as Steampunk Banana posted above -it does have a good ending. Too bad the school year is almost over.


Finally, rational people:

This principal is going to end up in Yonkers at this rate.


From the article:

On Thursday morning, [school principal] Monroe used the school loudspeaker to remind teachers to send in a list of kids who did not pay.

I’m now waiting for a non-apology to be dragged from the principal for her decision to use every possible opportunity to humiliate the students who couldn’t go.

According to the article the event also made a profit that’s “earmarked for the pre-K, kindergarten and fifth-grade moving-up parties”.

Will the kids who couldn’t afford to go be allowed to attend the parties even though their parents couldn’t contribute, or would the principal prefer that they simply be held back?


That’s it. Probably never even happened. Left-wing propaganda. When they’re done taking away our guns, next they’re coming for our clowns.


Bad parenting?


I’ve always wondered about this - my kid’s school has various “pay to participate” events (things like a French café, with pastries and the like, or pizza days)… We can afford them, but sometimes we don’t get the forms (he’s 6, he loses things) or we forget to send them in on time (I’m 37 and forgetful, I also lose things). I always feel terrible when he comes home on those days to tell me that he went to the French café and didn’t get his chocolate croissant, or whatever. I wish the school would let me just send in an overarching “I want my kid to attend all these things” form at the beginning of the year, and just bill me after the fact.


Way to go giving children their first taste of PTSD!


I don’t understand why these youngsters didn’t just go out and collect some aluminum cans or shovel some sidewalks or sit in a dark room sewing overpriced designer handbags for a couple of weeks to earn their $10 for the carnival…


Children having fun without paying? THAT’S COMMUNISM!

If we let children have fun without paying for it next we will see playgrounds turn into soviet gulags!



Is this not a common occurrence? I can think of 2 separate occasions, one in elementary when we went to D.C. and a chartered bus was purchased (by the SD i would assume… taxpayer dollars?), and a second time in grade 7 when we went to the inner harbor for the aquarium, that students were left behind for not paying. And now that i’m thinking about it, there were many many trips we had to pay for, and were called out by the teacher for not “turning in” the approval (which obviously meant turning in the money as well). I wish i could remember how much they wanted out of us but obviously my parents paid for it because i was blessed enough for that to happen. oh and we had to pay for ‘field day’ in 5th grade too. and that was a ‘trip’ to the fields we had recess on every day.