School to parents: a $100 donation gets your kids to the front of the lunch line

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As I read this piece the fuming rage rising up in me, you could light a cigarette on my forehead.

This the f’ing 21st century and we have starving Americans being held hostage for a morsel of food?



Well, it was obviously a mistake, but I don’t believe it was an accident.

OTOH, it does teach kids early that some animals are more equal. /s


But what happens when everyone ponies up? Or even if say 25%-50% take up the offer doesn’t that dilute the speed benefit?


Except that the idea wasn’t implemented, nor was it intended to be. It was a clerical error to include it in the letter.

Now maybe they lied and really wanted to do this, and the reaction made them reconsider. That it was included in the letter sure gives the appearance that it got pretty far in the planning process, at least.

But if you believe it was an error, what’s the problem? You need to have brainstorming free of judgement to come up with good ideas. When those ideas are examined, bad ones (like this one) are rejected. I don’t hold it against anyone to come up with creative funding ideas in a school system starved for money.


Please relocate to Florida and prove your theory. Let us know how it turns out…


There is still the concern that this wasn’t rejected at the synapse stage.


It seems to me it is difficult to assess the impact of such a policy without knowing more about the particulars of the lunch situation at this establishment. Is the lunch line long? Is time spent in the lunch line necessarily stressful and unproductive? Does time spent in the lunch line necessarily detract from participation in other extracurricular activities? To compare it to access to educational resources seems specious – unless of course cafeteria resources are limited and those at the end of the line are actually getting stiffed on food, in which case the school has much bigger problems.

Easy – you create a “super-front-line fee” of $1000, which gets you to the front of the $100 line.
Oh, too many people in the new $1000 line? How about a $10000 option? The possibilities are endless!


Can you explain why this infuriates you so much? I hear a lot of outrage in this thread and I don’t see any clear explanation why that is so.

Can you explain why you think this is OK?



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Ha! I’m going to go eat my lunch while you poor kids wait here!

Weren’t you ever in elementary school? Anything that sets a kid apart will be picked on. It makes it clear that those kids are different.


Can you show me where I said that?

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If you insist.


Assuming it was a true mistake, this doesn’t seem like a big deal.

It sounds like this idea was shot down, probably for one of the many reason Cory outlined. Anyone can come up with a well meaning but ill thought out idea. It sounds like the committee came to this same conclusion as well. Good, right?

FWIW - I used to get free lunches in grade school, so it would be the back of the line if they had this sort of system.

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That does not say what you seem to be thinking it does. Please read it again.

I don’t see any explanaiton in this thread to be ifuriated nor to not be. But, Papasan says they are. I ask why. Saying I don’t see a reason to explain the effect this has on Papasan does not imply I see a reson they should not be ifuriated.

Simply put, if you can’t articulate why this upsets you so, then you might need to think more about the issue.

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A little thinking led me to the conclusion he doesn’t need your permission to have or state his feelings.

I’m gonna go check the gaslights, something seems to be up with them.


Exactly. Aside from being deeply unjust, it’s a shitty idea.

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So you’re saying it was just a modest proposal? Perhaps they put out the packet to, ah…swiftly.