NYPD arrest man for crashing drone into the Empire State Building

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no video? not even a photo?


Let that be a lesson: next time don’t try to fly it so close to the gorilla.


I think potentially having a drone crash on unsuspecting pedestrians below counts as reckless endangerment.


“You damn kids aren’t getting your baseball back. You’ll just end up breaking another window of mine”


I concur. And wind in a city with lots of tall buildings can be more unpredictable than in an open space, so flying a drone in a crowded metropolitan area can potentially be dangerous for pedestrians. The wind might not be something a drone can’t handle, but it just demands more caution from the operator.

I don’t know if this guy should be made an example of, but definitely people who use drones with not much regard for safety are giving the hobby a bad name.


Reads headline - “But… how did they find him?”
Reads the rest -


Hey, that’s my drone that smashed into your building and almost decapitated a tourist. Can I have it back?

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There’s a good chance they’d have identified him eventually even if he hadn’t asked to get the drone back:

The local NBC affiliate in New York identified the man as Sean Nivin Riddle. A man with the same name Tweeted that he was filming with a drone and that it had struck the Empire State Building.


We’re going to be in trouble if the people mis-using drones aren’t total idiots.


Are some gun owners total idiots? And some computer owners? And some users of light bulbs?

Yea, I expect there’s going to be an intelligence test for this dangerous and unnecessary toy.

As drones become smaller, lighter, and less dangerous to unsuspecting pedestrians, they get easier to swat with a rolled up newspaper. Possibly the only remaining use for a newspaper.

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Especially when people start mounting Ant-Man action figures on top. Come to think of it, how did Marvel and Disney overlook that marketing opportunity? It’s so obvious it hurts.

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Case in point…

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