NYPD buying nationwide car surveillance database for about half a million bucks


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Bond… James Bond.

Different plates while parked. In transit, use legit plate so if you get pulled by cops you’re not in deep trouble with dummy plates flying. Very good idea to have it rigged up to automatically change to legit plates whenever car is not in park.

Depending upon the state, one might only want to do this in private parking lots and not on a public street.


hmm, I seem to remember hearing something about how poorly statewide stolen car databases were integrated. This seems like a useful solution to that problem. still

a) the NYPD does not have a great civil rights record. see how quickly they start mass-scooping up fancy cars owned by minorities and pull civil forfeiture shenanigans therein
b) I wonder if I could get a custom plate that’s still legible and readable, but causes moire effects when on camera.



Reflects/refracts light at angles most likely to be photographed and makes imaging difficult while cops can still clearly see your plate from directly behind your car while you’re driving.

Seems legit.

WARNING: Lyrics very NSFW (will likely offend both liberals and conservatives alike, so I like it):


Law enforcement agencies can side step the laws prohibiting them from collecting information on persons not under investigation simply by paying someone to do it for them.

Sounds legit.


Can your spouse, boss or business competitor buy access to this database?

If they are in law enforcement (or have family/friends in law enforcement) they don’t even have to! but not to worry, people drawn to law enforcement tend to be suuuuper level headed and stable.


Do it to a custom plate like this and cause the most confusion. http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r313/monEmakindave/cars/f5de4d72.png
BB8B8BB or Z22ZZ2Z also work


Playing devil’s advocate. I would guess most happy mutants support the right of people to photograph things on the public way. This is just that * n, with geocoding (which is an option on most cameras) and OCR.

In reality I think that this data should have a time limit, like say 30 days unless flagged as evidentiary.

That’s also how you get from writing a letter to a star you admire, to them hiring a bodyguard because a restraining order just doesn’t seem like enough.


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