WATCH: More private companies gather license plate data

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And you can have such system too. It’s easy and the code is open and free.

I wonder if this could be used together with a database of known undercover police cars and other covert surveillance vehicles…


Pretty sure those guys’ license plates can be changed or removed with far fewer consequences than the average person, if it came to that.

Besides, the police following someone around to investigate crimes is the sane end of that spectrum. There are tons of good reasons to surveil someone, which the police balance against the finite number of people they can spare to do that.

The problem with these camera deals is that they approach, in function, having the police follow everyone in a given area around. Or, rather, the police or anyone else who buys the data.

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I wonder if they used any open source software whose licenses require disclosure of the usage, the modifications, or the entire source.

Contrast with something like -
Using public data for public purposes. So unusual these days :frowning:

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Just yesterday, my colleague was describing an intersection in front of his house that had a high volume of traffic that would routinely run the stop signs. I told him to point a web cam out his front window, wait for the inevitable collision, then auction off the video to the highest bidder. What could go wrong, right?

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