NZ's National Party sued by Eminem for copyright infringement



The karma, it bitches!


I wonder if he will donate the proceeds of the lawsuit to the political opponents of the infringers.


I really hope that this is targeted politically. I’d appreciate it if Eminem was behind that.

Even if it isn’t, still hoisted by your own petard.

Also, is it really Eminem who is suing, or is it publishers?

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Wasn’t Eminem, along with Metallica pivotal in helping close down Napster?
To wit: This is probably just plain old corporate greed, rather than some political statement from him.

Probably. Occasionally bad people do good things for bad reasons. Either way, the delicious irony is still very tasty.

*On the one hand we have corporatist government burnt by the absurd law they rammed through, in exactly the way people said it’d be abused, but which said govt poo-pooed.
*On the other hand we have an anti-consumer artist and/or his parent corporation burning the govt that facilitated their anti-consumer behavour.

What’s not to like?


Can we get the NZ government’s internet cut off as well? :smiley:


They got in trouble for something similar in 2007, so that’s strike two. One more and no internets for them. John Key seems to be fond of “final” warnings though, so they can probably another couple of strikes in.


In fact they did not use “Lose Yourself”. They used a soundalike. The cue has now been recalled.

Five figure payout? For a national political party? I know NZ is small, but that still has to be a slap on the wrist.

What this really needs is to be turned into some vicious satire that costs them some elections. If only I was a brilliant Kiwi comedian.

That burns. :smiley:

Looks like they spent $2.3 million in the 2011 election. 5 figures could be a decent chunk of that.

It’s actually strike three. This time it’s Eminem but the National Party were plucked using a Coldplay song - the actual song, not a cover) on a DVD they sent out to supporters in the previous election, and the “Chariots of Fire” theme the election before. Given that this party is behind the “three strikes and you lose your internet” copyright law AND the over-the-top raid on Dotcom’s house, karma says it’s time for them to go.

And what’d’y’know? Today is election day in New Zealand.


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