Obama apologizes to MSF for hospital bombing. MSF: Thanks, but independent investigation please

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Of course there should be an investigation. Does Obama not think there should be?


Was the President precluding an investigation into the bombing? It doesn’t seem so…

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The key word in the request was not so much “investigation” as it was “independent”. AFAIK Obama does not think there should be one; he thinks it is enough for the US to be investigated only by itself.


I believe the tribunal who investigated Lieutenant Calley are available…

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John Chilcot will get right on it when he’s done with his current one.

How very American. “also known as” their actual, official name.


I wonder if the Nobel Peace committee is supposed to ask for your prize back after you admit to blowing up a hospital?


Don’t worry, the general in change has “taken full responsibility”. What does this mean? He has said the words “I take full responsibility”.

There is now no further action or investigation necessary.



Looking at winners, I don’t think so.

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Their “actual official name” is Doctors Without Borders in both the US and Canada, just as their “actual official name” is Medicos Sin Fronteras in Spanish-speaking countries.


Maybe this is me being naive, but I kinda somehow doubt that Obama said to himself, “I think I’ll bomb a hospital today, just for kicks and giggles”. Given what we know so far, it sounds like the local US command was given misleading information by the Afghanis – who have had a big problem with the MSF hospital for awhile. That’s not to excuse this horrible action or absolve the commander in chief, but framing it as a vengeful act is sorta silly.

It’s quite reasonable to ask for an independent investigation. We know how the US investigates it’s crimes: My Lai, Haditha, Cavalese -> “Move along, nothing to see here”


Talk is cheap.


I am impressed by the statement of Ash Carter. He has chutzpah, that’s for sure.

and when we [the US military] make mistakes, we own up to them
A new policy I missed?

The problem is that when you say “given what we know”, what you actually mean is “given what the U.S. Government told us”


Anybody ever run the numbers for unarmed children murdered abroad by the army vs unarmed children slaughtered domestically in gun “accidents”?

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