U.S. airstrike hits Doctors Without Borders hospital, killing 9


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No story below the headline?


in a way no further story needed (maybe except the “it will be investigated” spiel by the US government)

eta: NY Times

2nd eta: Guardian’s coverage seems to be very exhaustive

  • The MSF informed both the Afghan and US forces about the coordinates of the facilities
  • At least 20 staffers are dead, so far no one is aware of the total head count

3rd edit: press release of MSF, known casualties are 7 patients and 12 staff members.

An unnamed US military told ABC that it could have been an AC-130 (slow and low flowing gunships designed for precise ground attacks)


Damn it.


Well that sucks. Things like that shouldn’t happen with the tech to drop laser guided bombs etc.


Things like that shouldn’t happen because we shouldn’t be playing goddamn world cop.

We’ve been in Afghanistan for 13 years. Does anybody seriously think just a few more oughta do the trick?


Ah yes, world famous military intelligence… Ranked right up there with groups such as the Senate ethics committee.


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I believe there’s already a quote from the government: “Oops.” The spokesperson then went on to shrug.


Meh. I’m already accustomed to them killing innocent brown people. It’s sad, but I’m not going to pretend it was any more the last straw than the last fifty.


But they harbored Bin Laden! If America doesn’t make them not do that, they might do that!


They probably wish they kept their pieholes shut about Russia allegedly bombing civilians in Syria less then 48h before.

I often wonder if someone in the US admin realizes their continued hypocrisy or if there is some “Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”- phenomenon at work.


More of a “left hand doesn’t care what the right hand is doing” phenomenon, really.


No. See. That was random carpet bombing and this is targeted and … Oh F** all, carry on.


All those other U.S. airstrikes were also killing people, of course.

a lot more than nine people


MSF closes the hospital.

Sincere thanks to all armed parties involved.


Wanted to post that, all ready done. Thanks. Nothing more to say.

(edit) An other link: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/10/msf-medical-charity-leaves-kunduz-air-strike-151004100337615.html



It ain’t the tech that didn’t do its job.
It did.


MSF bombing:

Afghan forces asked for air strike at Kunduz hospital, US General says

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