United Nations urges members like the U.S. to stop bombing hospitals and killing doctors


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Not to trivialize it but…


Dear U.N.,
I’m not a doctor, but could you please include me on the “no kill” list?


Dude, you realize you just put yourself on the watch list?


MSF is just a terrorist plot!

They spend years healing the wounded in dangerous lands to lull the world into complacency.

Then, when you least expect it, they continue doing crucial medical work where it’s badly needed.

Only America has the courage to see through this thick veneer of virtue to MSF’s core of sincere humanism.


…you’re up to something…

what if Doctors Without Borders is a camouflaged operation of the Muslim Salafi Fighters?


The entirety of human history is a Muslim conspiracy!

  • woke since first coffee this morning


Surely a compromise can be reached. The U.S. might not be willing to avoid targeting all hospitals, but it’s a safe bet that they’d be willing to protect healthcare for the wealthy.


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