Obamacare study: 25% decline in home delinquencies among newly insured poor people

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A new study suggests that all that money we are wasting on public schools actually trains a new generation of productive employees.


But if they make their payments, then how will the bank foreclose on them, and how will “house flippers” make a profit? Don’t you care about the economy?



Nice of the backwards GOP states to provide these researchers with a comparison group to show a potential benefit of single-payer universal health care. Who says that having “laboratories of democracy” run by the Three Stooges doesn’t have benefits for the nation as a whole?


Wait, they didn’t spend the money saved on alcohol and illegal drugs? /S


Hey, you’d need a separate study to see if there wasn’t also a 25% increase in alcohol consumption. Sarcas aside, I genuinely hope that someone in Colorado or another legalized state was able to both save their home and get some weed to celebrate.


There’s a socio-econonic-heathcare research goldmine here. Does consumption of alcohol and abuse of drugs go down if you have legitimate healthcare? Does having health care and being able to pay for your housing cut down on stress and self-medication? Does something like this cut down on other medical expenses like hospital visits?

Seems to track but I want some numbers to drop on people and back it up.


I have to imagine that incidence of drug/drinking problems* goes down when you have anything the reduces stress in your life, and in America healthcare is probably a huge stress reducer. Of course recently the prescription of opioids may have contributed to a positive correlation between healthcare access and drug abuse. There sure are a lot of things to figure out with social science.

* You have a drinking problem is your drinking is causing you problems.

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