Obstruction charge for comically corrupt U.S. Senator Bob Menendez

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U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-Egypt) was charged with corruption after…


wikipedia In September 2023, Menendez was again indicted on federal corruption charges that he aided and provided sensitive information to the government of Egypt.[2][3] He stepped down as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but refused to resign from the Senate and repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, despite calls to resign from numerous state and congressional Democrats, including 30 of his Senate colleagues. In an October 2023 indictment, Menendez was formally charged with conspiracy to act as a foreign agent of the Egyptian government;[4] a superseding indictment in January 2024 also accused Menendez of working for Qatar.


Andy Kim was my representative, briefly, until I moved to where I am now. He’s a good guy. He’s one of the people who stayed late at the Capitol the night of January 6 helping to clean up the mess. Phil Murphy has been a decent governor, but Tammy Murphy was a Republican until 2014, and I honestly don’t think her politics have changed any. Although, if she were still a Republican, she would be a pro-choice Republican who believes in climate change, so there’s that.


Sure would be a nice time for his fellow Democrats to grow some spine and expel the corrupt bastard.

Well, a couple years ago would’ve been a nice time. But now is better than never.


I understand situations where a party circles the wagons to prevent an opposite-party governor from appointing a replacement, but this isn’t at all an issue in New Jersey. Just a little bit of performative backbone would be nice, for a change.


More than a couple of years.The guy’s corruption has been a running joke in American politics for at least a decade. The Dem establishment has no excuses.


Isn’t it a conflict of interests when works for both Egypt and Qatar?


He’s from New Jersey… the current governor is a democrat… That’s not a problem.

I sure hope you’re right that he will be out soon but it’s beyond disappointing that, as of right now, neither of my state’s Senators have even suggested that he resign yet, and no other Senator besides Fetterman has tried to take any steps to prevent Menendez from continuing to receive classified briefings on the Foreign Relations committee. Absolutely inexcusable.


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