OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush in 2022: "I don't think it's very dangerous"

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I’ll just be here, scream-laughing in safety engineer.


ooooof. just, oof.


A small enough probability, regularly tempted, is a near-certainty :upside_down_face:

“It worked great the first time!”


I share Chat GPT’s sentiments…

Beneath the waves of the Atlantic deep,
A tale unfolds, both sorrowful and steep.
Whispers in the current, mysterious sounds,
Searching for lives lost, hopes to be found.

In the vast expanse, ships gather 'round,
An international effort, hearts unbound.
Remotely operated, the vehicles explore,
Seeking the source, the submersible to restore.

Yet, the analysis thus far remains unsure,
The noises inconclusive, still a distant lure.
But amidst the uncertainty, a captain’s plea,
“We need to have hope,” he urges, with glee.

Rolling Stone’s report, unverified but strong,
“Banging sounds” heard, echoing for long.
A Canadian plane’s discovery brings a glimmer,
Stirring the belief, growing ever dimmer.

With French-operated robots, the mission persists,
Delving into depths where Titanic still exists.
Though time ticks away, as oxygen wanes,
The search and rescue fervor courageously remains.

Industry warnings echo, fears of the design,
Certification procedures, doubts intertwine.
Stockton Rush, the pilot, a brave soul,
Bound to the depths, fulfilling his role.

Hamish Harding, an explorer, fearless and bright,
Shahzada Dawood and his son, united in this plight.
Paul-Henri Nargeolet, a veteran of the sea,
They ventured forth, hoping to set hearts free.

Through adversity, we seek solace and grace,
In unity and strength, we find our place.
May hope guide the search, illuminate the way,
That the submersible’s fate may see a brighter day.

So let us hold on, together we strive,
For the lives that may yet survive.
In the depths of the ocean, a tale of might,
Where hope persists, shining ever bright.


Normally, you stick -Gate after a word to indicate a scandal (DeflateGate, GamerGate, etc). OceanGate has saved us the trouble.


If only carbon fiber composites weren’t “curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” in material-scientist.


wow, that’s… something. what was your prompt?

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Yea, Reverse-Icarus is the phrase that keeps coming to mind the more quotes I see from Stockton Rush.


All the risks he talks about are external, no acceptance that a small vehicle naturally limits redundancy due to the lack of space for a second or third option.

Also simple things like why paint it white as opposed to luminous orange or yellow, especially if you’re operating in water that already has large white things floating in it and immediate visibility might be important given that the occupants can’t open the sub themselves?


100% accurate! Hey Ovid–exchange Mariana Trench for the sun, and you’re good to go!

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Imagine hearing a cave diver say “I think I can do this just as safely by breaking the rules.”
Just walk away.

The ocean is not a forgiving environment.


You know, there’s a limit. You know, at some point, safety just is pure waste. I mean, if you just want to be safe, don’t get out of bed. Don’t get in your car. Don’t do anything. At some point, you’re going to take some risk, and it really is a risk/reward question.

And that’s where it was confirmed that Rush was a dangerous huckster.


Please tell me Rush’s IG profile is “At some point, safety just is pure waste.”

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“At some point, safety just is pure waste.”

Famous last words.

This interview is just gold. If I was this guy’s company insurance, I can cut loose a big liability without any complication. This is literally textbook case of gross negligence and almost no insurance company will cover him. He can also be sued for insurance fraud.
The outcome is not looking good for him. Survive and getting sued out of existence by the billionaires, or make his bed in his “innovative” sub. One way or the other, his “daredevil inventor” career is finished.

I think he was being contradicting here. The reason there wasn’t major injury and fatality because that is the intended outcomes of those regulations he so vehemently disdains.

Like someone had said in another related post: “Regulations are written in blood”

I’m sorry but the biggest reason that prevent him “from being able to get to the surface” is himself and nothing else.


Rush’s clairvoyance is not completed.


It’s too bad Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas didn’t go on this billionaire plaything and instead went on the fishing trip…


Does he even have one?

It’s not just that I can’t see anyone underwriting anything for a vessel that essentially is a DIY project without any certifications - insurance is bound to be one of the things this guy would skip because he sees it as “an unnecessary cost” and “holding back innovation” and whatnot.


Okay, I’m feeling less than supportive for the billionaire’s son after this exchange with Cardi B. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I assume that the Coast Guard is largely composed of the sort of people who recognize the professional obligation to not do so; but there must be some temptation to just say “You know, at some point, safety is just pure waste.” drop the mic and sail home when you are stuck wandering the North Atlantic looking for the guy who said that, at some point, safety is just pure waste.