Octopus tiki mug

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but we can hope for a resupply!

Small miracles make the world go round.

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While they look cool, they also look kind of unstable.

Ia! Ia! Chthulhu Fhthagn!

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Perhaps they are not intended to be put down?

$18 USD for shipping. Interesting.

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I was given a choice of $18.01 for USPS Priority Mail (1 to 3 days), or $18.92 for UPS Ground (1 to 5 days). I guess that fans of ceramic cephalopods want their fix in a hurry.

You’ve got to get them before the stars are right…

You wouldn’t want to be caught without yours when sunken R’lyeh rises.

All the other cultists will be sippin’ out of their cool cephalopod mugs, laughing and revelling. Laughing at the cultists who didn’t shell out for priority mailing and don’t have a cool squid mug.

The designer apparently used to work with Ed “Big Daddy” Roth in the latter’s later years. The influence is small but noticeable, though not as much as in this other mug they used to sell:

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Can these be wall mounted? Asking for a friend.

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