Xenomorph tiki mugs


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Perfect for the HR Giger Bar.


Those look like bong designs to me. Game over man! Game over!


Speaking of “game over”, I read that Bill Paxton died this week. I had been dreading bad game over puns since then.


I couldn’t figure out how to pre-order any of them.

okay. I got it.


They also kinda look like Xenomorph flesh lights. An alien has needs.


Ach! I cannot find the wine label Giger designed based on the perinatal matrices.

A bottle of that would go well with these mugs.


Few mugs out there would require an explanation from the user when in use.


These would look nice besides my Cthulhu tiki mugs but I am trying to not buy more stuff. Curse you BB and your temptations.


Better not knock them over or the contents will eat through the table.


These mugs will look great jutting out of your guest’s torsos!!

Buy the whole set!!


I’ve found that tends to be true of any mug.


I keep reading that headline as “Xenimorph.”


Bit of a slap in the face to the Ridley Scott classic, Alien, there


There’s more than one mug.


I suppose it’s less cumbersome than the Facehugger mug.


I myself misread it as Xenumorph but I no longer have access to photoshop or stills from Battlefield Earth.


…but I need to be getting rid of stuff, not buying more. >sigh<

Oops, meant it as a general reply, about the tikis, not Battlefield Earth.


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