Odd Stuff


Why nobody does this kind of thing on stage anymore is anybody’s guess.


Medieval illuminated manuscripts: male monks poring over painstaking artwork. Yeah, about that…


Okay, I’m contemplating to panic now.





Ropes? cables? bungie cords?


Too old school, gramps. Disrupt!


It should have taken off and nuked the site from orbit.



Glory days in the UK?



The yacht features a helipad, four VIP suites and athletic facilities “to cater to a huge variety of sports including golf, basketball, volleyball and soccer,” according to manufacturer

The Imax theater is thought to be the first on a superyacht.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve sat on the deck of my yacht, mojito in hand, watching as the evening sun paints the Caribbean in shades of gold and orange, and thought to myself, “This would be so much better if I were watching it below deck on an IMAX.”


I like The Register’s take on this:


The only good thing about those superyachts is that they’re, like that particular one, built like an hour away from me. At least people get paid.


Snort occurred, with coffee in mouth. I might have been very, very angry with you if I hadn’t been able to hold it in!


Twice; before you had the boat driven closer to the sunset?


Excellent! My work is done and it is not even lunchtime!


Pah! When you call my yacht a boat, you reveal yourself as nothing more than a proletarian troll!

If I wanted to be closer to the sunset, I would buy the sun and have it moved closer to my yacht.


Please tow the sun closer, my collective is cold under our bridge.