Office chairs made out of old Vespa scooters


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Beautiful (and profligate/impractical, but what great art isn’t)!


So why do these old farings look brand-new? Owned by little old ladies who only drove on Sunday?


Meanwhile, I’m stuck with warehouses full of unsold Vespas made out of old office chairs!


Dear @Modusoperandi:

Never Change!


Your Fellow Happy Mutants!


I just hope no restorable Vespas were scrapped just to get parts for these chairs.


True. If it can be saved and given a good home, it should be, but if it would otherwise go in the scrap heap, why not make something useful out of it…


Nice to see just P-series being repurposed. If these were made from VS5s or VSBs, I’d be very sad.



That’s embarrassing, my still-running Vespa doesn’t even have turn signals. (I don’t think anyone had invented turn signals for scooters back when mine was built.)


Beautiful indeed! …though it seems to me that I’d always have a nagging feeling that I was facing the wrong way :smile:

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