Ofsteve acquires The Atlantic

but we care! oh wait who are you again?


That was the legal reality not that long ago.
When my parents bought their first home the bank would only look at my father’s income even though my mother was earning more.
My grandparents both worked full-time in the 1960s but my grandmother’s name wasn’t even on the title for their house, which took a fair bit of work to amend when grandpa passed away.

So it wasn’t just a social convention, married women were really seen as not having their own identity. You might be “Elaine” in conversation, but to your bank manager you were just “Mrs Robert”.


Sure, they are not intentionally being sexist, and I am sure they love their wives and daughters. But, the editors and writers are working within a framework that expects women to be consumed by the men that they have married.

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Societal sexism CAN be why people don’t know a spouse’s name… but we can effectively rule that out in this case.

Laurene Powell in and of herself is a mid-level MBA type who’s done nothing the public would or should be aware of. There are about a zillion of those in northern California.

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