The Weinstein Effect is already taking a readership toll on the lefty blogosphere


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I suppose these are all very famous people I should know about?


The Weinstein Effect is already taking a readership toll on the lefty blogosphere

Click-bait title much? I’ve read and re-read the post and it has zero to do with Weinstein and sexual misconduct. This is about sponsored content not being marked as such, what does that have to do with sexual harassment/violence? Seems like someone is trying to trivialize it or bank on the news about it and i find that troubling coming from BB.

I see a very small line talking about and linking to sexual misconduct but 99% of the article is really about FTC violations.


Following the allegations against Takei, “Slate, Upworthy, GOOD, Futurism, and Mic itself have ended partnerships in which they paid Takei to promote their stories on his Facebook page.” They are all doing this because aligning with celebrities is always a dangerous game, and FTC is almost certainly going to take a hard look at all of this. They’re just getting out in front to nip it in the bud and avoid future embarrassments. The linked articles have more detail for those interested.

Here’s Upworthy readership since the announcement ending all “influencer” promotion following the Takei allegations:


I think those are incidental points that are largely unrelated. The meat of the story is improper presentation of sponsored content, dragging Weinstein into the conversation seems like piggy backing for additional and unwarranted attention, and i think it detracts from the important conversation of sexual violence.

If you want to make that correlation sure go ahead but i hope you realize how problematic that is.


The Weinstein Effect led to the Takei allegations.


Top people… top… people…


I just read the linked article and I still fail to see the link between influencers and Weinstein. One is about sexual harassment. The other is about undisclosed paid product promotion.

I could well be missing something here, that’s a real possibility. Maybe ELI5 it for me?

  1. The Weinstein Effect, similar to the Streisand Effect, is the emerging name of the phenomenon.
  1. The allegations against Takei are part of the phenomenon.

  2. Takei was paid for undisclosed promotion of a bunch of feel-good type blogs.

  3. Those blogs are stopping the practice because Takei got caught up in the Weinstein Effect.

  4. It’s impacting their traffic considerably, like halving their readership.



As a lefty, I can say with certainty that. while the blogosphere written about may not be righty, it is not lefty.


Yeah, prolly shoulda said “progressive.” The left’s right: the left’s rights left right after Obama left, right?


This is me and my friends, seriously:


While the left eats itself with its purity testing, the right is looting the treasury.


So basically, just another day.


Pretty much. Just another Monday in paradise.


They ain’t gonna call it the Doctorow Effect now are they?


My left is busy changing brake lights, distributing free food, giving out vaccines and fixing hurricane-damaged houses.

The current autocannibalism is happening amongst the centrists and centre right rather than the left.


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